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10 Different Types Of Kids

You're probably wondering, "Different kids?" Kids will be kids! What do you mean when you say there are different types of children?

So, while working with children in my summer camps and workshops, I've noticed them. So, have a look at the list and see what you can find -

1. Most obedient kid- This child is the best because he will listen to whatever you say and will carry out your instructions. These are my absolute favourites.

2. I know it all kid- This kid is always willing to answer all of your inquiries, as well as the questions of other children. You should actually tell him not to respond to anything and instead raise your hand if you know the answer.

3. Chatterbox kid- This youngster will chatter incessantly in class, which can be cute at times but can also be bothersome. These kids refuse to stop talking despite numerous warnings.

4. Always hungry kid- After every few minutes, this kid inquires about the lunch or snack break. The parents of these children need to be reminded to feed them a good breakfast before sending them off.

5. Loud kid- When he's around, this kid screams at the top of his lungs, and you might feel like you need earplugs in class.

6. The lazy kid- These children are unwilling to participate in any activity and require every assistance possible. These are the polar opposites of the "I know it all kid," who is self-assured that he knows everything and doesn't require the assistance of any teacher.

7. The cute and quiet kid- You want to adopt these children because they are so adorable. They come to class with a big smile on their face, give you a hug, and keep that wonderful smile all day. The only issue is when they don't say anything. These are the polar opposites of the chatty kids.

8. Not interested kid- These children seem perpetually miserable in class, as though their parents forced them to attend the camp. They will be uninterested in anything going on in the classroom. Their expressions say it all: "Not interested." Not one of my favourites.

9. Mom and me kids- These kids don't want to be separated from their mothers when they arrive at camp. Every day, their mothers will accompany them for a short period of time as they create full-fledged drama that can disrupt the entire class.

10. Restless kid- This kid isn't interested in sitting still and will be running around, disrupting all other classes as well. He is more concerned with what others are doing than he is with his own work. You only need one teacher to get him to sit in one spot.

These are just a few examples from my experience at all of the camps. Do you have any other suggestions? Please share your thoughts on different types of children in the comments section below.