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GTA 3 PC Cheat Codes

GTA 3 offered players a sizable territory of Liberty City to explore, making it one of the biggest open worlds ever seen in a video game at the time of its release. The game was a significant advancement for the Grand Theft Auto series as it switched from the top-down perspective of earlier Grand Theft Auto games to a third-person perspective.

The silent protagonist of the game, Claude, gets duped during a botched heist. In order to advance in the criminal underworld and establish a reputation for themselves in Liberty City, players must learn how to do so.

Like its predecessors, GTA 3 offered a wide range of PC cheats for players to choose from. Like other games, GTA 3 cheat codes are simple to use and enable a wide range of activities. At any time during gaming, entering one of these codes would enable cheats and spice up the experience. Here are a few GTA 3 cheat codes that users can use.

GTA 3 PC cheat codes are listed below:

  • Invisible Cars: anicesetofwheels
  • Better Vehicle Handling: cornerslikemad
  • Speed Up Gameplay: boooooring
  • Flying Vehicle: chittychittybb
  • 100% Health: gesundheit
  • Destroy All Cars: bangbangbang
  • Tank (Rhino) appears: giveusatank
  • Get All Weapons: gunsgunsguns
  • More Money: ifiwerearichman
  • Pedestrians Fight One Another: weaponsforall
  • Cloudy Weather: ilikescotland
  • Insane Pedestrians: itsallgoingmaaad
  • Super-speedy Game Clock: madweather
  • Higher Wanted Level: morepoliceplease
  • Crank Up Gore: nastylimbscheat
  • Pedestrians Attack: nobodylikesme
  • Lower Wanted Level: nopoliceplease
  • Foggy Weather: peasoup
  • Clock Moves Faster: timeflieswhenyou
  • Clear Weather: skincancerforme
  • Rainy Weather: ilovescotland
  • Change Outfit: ilikedressingup

When it came to scope and of course, cheats, Rockstar really did set the standard for the rest of the franchise. Rockstar has maintained the history of using cheat codes in all GTA games, including GTA 5, which was released in 2013.

It's possibly one of the remaining few AAA series that still uses cheats in games. Players still find GTA 3 to be rather enjoyable, and many of them keep coming back to play it. The GTA 3 cheat codes listed above can be used in the game for a number of different purposes.