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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Chhattisgarh

In the year 2000, the state of Madhya Pradesh was split into Chhattisgarh. The state's natural beauty and abundance, as well as the enormously dense woods and large tribal people, all have a rustic feel to them.

Here are some facts about chhattisgarh.

  • It is among the largest festivals held here. People worship Maa Danteswari, a local deity, and the celebration lasts for 75 days.
  • One of India's oldest brick temples is the 77th-century Laxman Temple in Sirpur. It Is Actually Dedicated To Lord Vishnu, Despite Its Name.
  • The current route that Lord Ram is alleged to have travelled during his exile extends from Ratnapur to Ramoram.
  • Chhattisgarh's folk singing style is called pandavani. It involves the telling of tales from the legendary Mahabharata of ancient India.
  • The film industry in Chhattisgarh is known as Chhollywood. The majority of the movies made here are funded locally.
  • 15% of all steel made in India is manufactured in Chhattisgarh.
  • Individuals who live in rural of Chhattisgarh where ambulances cannot reach are being saved by motorcycle ambulance. And over 200 pregnant women's lives have already been saved because to it.
  • In Batsar District, there is a water fall with a horseshoe shape. It is referred to as "The Niagara of India" because of its structure, which makes it appear wider.
  • One of the states with a lot of tribal people is Chhattisgarh. Together, Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes make about 50% of the population.
  • A kind of tussar silk called kosa silk. It is produced in Chhattisgarh's Korba and Champa from cocoons on Arjun, Sal, and is renowned around the world for its texture and colour.