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Top 5 Mom Influencers On Instagram In 2022

Top 5 Mom Influencers On Instagram In 2022

The mother is a superhuman. They balance and hustle between family and job, and they succeed on a daily basis. Mothers have also dominated social media over the past several years to show how they balance career and family life and encourage the rest of us to do the same.

The top five mom influencers on Instagram for 2022 are listed below.


Mitali and Summiyya support the Insta account House Of Misu. The pair are social media influencers in the world of fashion and have established a distinct identity. They have a website devoted to all lifestyle information, and they have even been seen online modelling for many different fashion companies. Of the two, only Mitali is the mother of Krish Patel, a little child who also goes by the Instagram moniker @babykrispy.

Ami Desai

Another well-known parent influencer is Ami Desai, who has a section of her Instagram account devoted to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Her writing is really accessible, and it's admirable how she balances her personal and professional lives. Desai, a mother of three, portrays herself as a modern mother who uses her expertise as a cosmetic artist and motherhood to help others on social media.

Shraddha Singh

Social media users adore Shraddha Singh, sometimes known online as Shrads, for her postings and videos. She is the mother of Kiana, sometimes referred to as Kiki, a little daughter. Vlogs and postings on parenting, fashion, and beauty can be found in abundance on Singh's Instagram account. Even more, she has a unique account for herself and her daughter called @kikiandshrads where she documents the activities of her toddler on a regular basis. Shraddha Singh is a well-known YouTuber who frequently posts videos with her young child.

Smriti Khanna

One of the most well-liked Indian parent influencers on social media is Smriti Khanna. She has 1.1 million Instagram followers and frequently posts pictures of her infant daughter Anayka. Her writing style reflects her lifestyle, with a focus on parenting, beauty, and fashion. For all the new mothers, Khanna even gives parenting advice and personal experiences.

Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia stands out among the stunning parent influencers for her daring sense of style. She is a developer of beauty and fashion material and has a teenage kid. Bhatia's articles mostly focus on trying out new ensembles and promoting companies. She occasionally even shows her son some entertaining videos.