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Top 5 Ways Students Cheat In Exams


Examination cheating is nothing new anywhere in the globe, nevertheless these are the top 5 methods students try to cheat in exams.

1. Bluetooth
One of the most popular ways students attempt to cheat is probably Bluetooth. The technique is straightforward: the cheater carries a Bluetooth device with a speaker, and someone on the other end of the link reads aloud answers to the questions from the paper that the test-taker picks.

2. Impersonation

In exchange for cash, a cheater stands in for the test-taker and completes it on their behalf. But frequently either the on-call examiner or sometimes their biometrics undo them.

3. Climbing & reading the answers out

After receiving the exam paper, the person standing outside climbs the wall and provides the answers to student.

4. Using Watch

Simply having an Apple Watch, or any other wristwatch, in the test room has resulted in allegations of exam cheating from students. However, this strategy is vulnerable to simple detection since a wristwatch is a visible accessory and because it often has to be used in combination with a mobile phone to be successful as a cheating device.

5. Paper leak

Unreliable sources, who may or may not be examinees, frequently employ paper leaks as cheating techniques. The size of the leaks can range from a few copies shared around over WhatsApp to full-blown breaches that force the cancellation of an entire set of tests.