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When The World's Hairiest Women Shaved Her Face After Finding Love

When The World's Hairiest Women Shaved Her Face After Finding Love

Even if a highly unusual medical problem would only make the already difficult teenage years even more difficult, this is exactly what would happen. Ambras Syndrome, sometimes referred to as the "Werewolf Syndrome," is a rare genetic illness that affects Supatra "Natty" Sasuphan, a 17-year-old from Bangkok, Thailand.

It essentially implies that the individual who has it has hair sprouting everywhere, even on their face. But no longer! Natty recently started posting images of her shaven face after being married to the "love of her life." 

According to reports, this illness has only affected a small number of individuals since the Middle Ages, and Natty is one of them. In all honesty, being diagnosed with this illness seems like winning the worst sort of lottery.

Additionally, because there haven't been many reported occurrences of it, it also implies that physicians haven't been able to develop a cure for it as of yet. Natty had a laser treatment when she was younger, but it wasn't successful since the hair kept coming back. In actuality, the laser therapy accelerated and thickened the hair growth. 

Natty's condition also helped her win the 2010 Guinness World Record for the hairiest girl in the world. She has managed to accept her illness and not "let the haters stop her from doing her thang" despite experiencing bullying and being called names like "Wolf Girl" and "Chewbacca" at school.

'World's Hairiest Girl' Shaves Her Face After Getting Married

She had the support of her friends and family, and she never allowed the bullying get to her. "I don't feel any different from everyone else, and I have tonnes of friends at school," she said in an interview with Guinness World Records. I'm unique because of my hair.

Some folks used to taunt me and nickname me "monkey face," but they no longer do so. I'm accustomed to this circumstance. Since it has always been like this, I cannot feel the hair. I have no feelings. When it becomes too long, it might be hard to see. One day, I aspire to be healed.

I believe it is crucial to emphasise that she was only 10 years old when she made her statement. Can we just simply acknowledge that a 10-year-old child had a greater perspective on life than all of us? After a few years, she started shaving her face and body on a daily basis after getting married.

She just posted a picture of herself with her spouse with the message, "You're not only my first lover, you're the love of my life." She has found happiness with him. Awww. We wish her every success because she deserves it so much.