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World's Top 10 Strongest Militaries In 2022

1) United States

The United States spends $601 billion more on defence than the following nations on Credit Suisse's index combined, despite sequestration and other budget reductions. The ten aircraft carriers in the American navy are the country's greatest conventional military advantage. India, which is currently building its third carrier, has the second-most carriers worldwide. In addition, the US possesses the greatest nuclear arsenal in the world, by far the most aircraft of any nation, state-of-the-art equipment like the Navy's new rail gun, a sizable and well-trained labour force, and that's just to name a few.

2) Russia

Without a doubt, the Russian military is the second-strongest military force in the world. The largest tank fleet, second-largest aircraft fleet, and third-largest submarine fleet in the world, respectively, belong to Russia, which also boasts the greatest fleet of tanks and aircraft in the world. The military budget of the Kremlin has grown by over a third since 2008 and is predicted to climb by another 44% during the following three years. By sending troops to Syria, Russia has also proven its capacity to project force internationally.

3) China

Over the past three decades, the Chinese military has dramatically expanded in both strength and capacity. Its military is the greatest in the world in terms of total manpower. It also possesses the second-largest submarine fleet after the US and the second-largest tank force after Russia.

4) Japan

Its submarine fleet ranks fourth on the list, according to Credit Suisse. There are four aircraft carriers in Japan as well, although they only have helicopter fleets on board. After China, Russia, and the US, Japan possesses the fourth-largest fleet of assault helicopters.

5) India

One of the world's most powerful militaries is India. In addition to having the most tanks and planes of any nation besides United States, China, or Russia, it also has the greatest active manpower of any nation besides those two.

6) France

Despite being a relatively small force, the French military is well-equipped, competent, and able to project power. The nation is home to the almost-new aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, and France often sends military forces to Africa to support political stability and counter radicalism.

7) South Korea

In order to defend itself against future North Korean invasion, South Korea has no alternative but to maintain a sizable and effective military. South Korea possesses several submarines, assault helicopters, and active people because of these facts.

8) Italy

The assessment from Credit Suisse gave the Italian military a good rating since it has two operational aircraft carriers. Along with the nation's sizable fleets of attack helicopters and submarines, these carriers significantly improved Italy's standing.

9) United Kingdom

The UK can rely on being able to project its might throughout the world, despite its plans to cut the number of its armed forces by 20% between 2010 and 2018.

10) Turkey

One of the biggest armies in the eastern Mediterranean is that of Turkey. Only five nations on Credit Suisse's list have more submarines than Turkey, despite the latter's absence of an aircraft carrier.The nation also boasts an unusually sizable fleet of tanks, many planes, and attack helicopters. Turkey is a devoted participant in the F-35 programme.