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Lucky Colors For Each Day Of The Week As Per Astrology

According to science and astrology, colours have a very strong influence on us. To clarify the former, wearing dark clothing on a bright, sunny day may cause discomfort. On bright days, wearing light-colored clothing might minimize any such discomfort. Similar to this, each day of the week has a certain fortunate colour according to colour astrology.

Lucky colour for Sunday as per astrology 

The day of the Sun is Sunday. Red is therefore the fortunate colour for Sunday. According to astrology, honouring the Sun on Sunday by putting the colour red assists in salvation.

Lucky colour for Monday as per astrology 

According to astrology, Monday is the Moon's day. White is the Moon planet's fortunate colour. Due to the Moon's feminine nature as a planet, Mondays are the perfect day to honour our inner femininity. Not only is Monday a good day to wear white, but it also relieves tension.

Lucky colour for Tuesday as per astrology 

The day of the planet Mars is Tuesday. Mars' lucky colour is red. The Mars red, though, may also mean rage. Thus, wearing too much red is prohibited. Make sure to carry some type of red with you if you are travelling on Tuesday. red coral is one of the most harmonious colours you can wear.

Lucky colour for Wednesday as per astrology 

Wednesday's lucky colour is green. Mercury is the planet that rules wednesday. The day of the mind and self-care is Wednesday. Therefore, if you want to appreciate creative thinking, you need to surround yourself with green. the colour not only inspires creativity but also relaxes the mind.

Lucky colour for Thursday as per astrology 

Thursday's lucky colour is yellow, and Jupiter is the day's patron planet. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and abundance in astrology. Therefore, pleasing Jupiter has its advantages. Jupiter is also a social planet, much like the Moon. It is therefore ideal that you spend Thursday with your loved ones.

Lucky colour for Friday as per astrology 

As per astrology, Friday is Venus's day. Bright white and pink tints are thus the fortunate colours for Friday. Venus is a planet associated with creativity and art.  Venus is a heavenly feminine planet, and it might improve your romantic life if you appease her. Anyone working in an art-related sector must dress in white or pale pink.

Lucky colour for Saturday as per astrology 

Last but not least, Saturn rules Saturday. Additionally, Saturn's colour is black. In astrology, Saturn is reputed to be a brilliant teacher. As a result, astrologers advise that you should always have some black at your side. According to Jyotish, Saturdays are perfect for hiking since the mountains radiate the beneficial elements of Saturn energy.