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Natural Ways To Remove Mehndi From Your Hands And Feet


Mehendi is the heart of wedding ceremonies. Girls love getting them on their hands and feet. They look gorgeously beautiful. But after some time, when it starts fading it becomes uneven and causes discomfort to the eyes. But in case you want to remove it, then we have found you some natural ways for doing so:

  1. Toothpaste

The ingredients present in your toothpaste can actually help you get rid of the mehndi color. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on mehndi and let it dry. Now, gently rub off the dried toothpaste and wipe it with a damp cloth. Follow it with a moisturizer. Do it every alternate day to see results.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a well-known bleaching agent that can also help you in this. Make a thick paste of baking soda and lemon in equal parts. Apply on mehndi and let it remain for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

  1. Antibacterial Soap

Antibacterial soap contains a few chemicals that can help you in making the fading process of mehndi faster. Wash your hands 8-10  times a day with antibacterial soaps and apply a good moisturizer after each wash.

  1. Lemon

Lemon contains citric acid that has bleaching properties. Take a lemon and extract its juice. Now apply the juice to your hands and feet and gently rub for a few minutes. Observe your results by yourself.