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Patanjali Face Cream Review

Patanjali is among some renowned brands in India. You might have tried one or the other product of this brand, but have you tried Patanjali Face Cream? If not, then you can go on with this review of the product.

Products from Patanjali contain substances that are good for the environment and your skin. The cream products don't include any irritants or pointless fillers. They can also lessen damage to your skin and make it feel cleaner thanks to the usage of natural chemicals.


The product is packaged in an outer casing and a white tube. The substance had already started to leak when I opened the cap, creating a mess. The cream has a beige tint and a pleasant scent. It claims to restore your skin's radiance and has a good variety of components.

My Experience

The cream has a thickness that leans slightly toward being thicker. Before it fully absorbs, it needs to be rubbed and massaged. This cream makes me perspire and feels a little too heavy and sticky for my taste. It gave my skin the best moisture ever! made it pliable and soft, and with continued use, I think it might also make it problem-free.

Although I don't have any serious skin problems, I do not like to use it right before going outside in the sun because it makes my skin appear slightly oily. It eliminates the dry skin feeling, and the effects linger all day, or until I wash my face.

I adore how it makes my skin feel, and the results are excellent. The best thing is that, unlike my previous day's cream, it did not cause me to break out.

Overall, it is a perfect cream to treat dry skin that comes at a reasonable price from a wonderful herbal brand.