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Top Most Effective ways to remove Pimple Marks

Pimple Marks is a cruel reminder for skin. Not only females, but male also face this problem. The best way to get rid of pimples is that to prevent breakouts and have a balanced diet. However, our lifestyle also contributes to a great extent to this pimple problems. The marks really effect the confidence one have in themselves. Acne and pimple are two different things. Acne is a skin condition, pimples are the side effect of one of the symptoms of acne. Many people suffer from pimples due to hormonal changes.

The most effective home remedies to remove pimple marks are:

  1. Orange Peel Powder

Oranges are full of goodness of citric acid. They help in lightening the marks and brightening the skin. It is a blessing for people who want to remove pimple marks. Application of orange peel powder along with honey for 10 to 15 minutes gives the best results. We can try this remedy every alternate day to remove the marks.

  1. Coconut Oil

This oil is rich in anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. There is hardly any skin condition which can’t be cured with this oil. They are rich in Vitamin E, K and antioxidants which helps in growth of healthy skin cells that helps to remove pimple marks.

  1. Besan

They are the most handy ingredient for most skin problems. It can also be used as a regular face scrub as it is full of alkalizing properties which helps in maintaining skin’s Ph balance.