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Best Niacinamide Serum in India in 2021

Today in this article I will be sharing some of the best Niacinamide Serums presently available in India. Niacinamide has become pretty trendy lately. There is a cause behind this popularity and it is the benefits that it provides to the skin. In addition, this ingredient can be used by people of all skin types including sensitive skin. Apart from this, Niacinamide can be paired with retinol as well. You can include both retinol and niacinamide in your skin care routine at a time without stressing about the irritation and degradation of these ingredients. Though, both the ingredients compliment each other really well.  

Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B3. You can also consume vitamin B3 form foods such as beans, eggs, fish, milk and green vegetables. You can even take oral supplements if you have Vitamin B3 deficiency.

Why Should You Use Niacinamide?

Using topical niacinamide can give so many benefits to skin. Also it has potential to treat acne and eczema.

Benefits of Using Niacinamide for skin:

  • Niacinamide help to build ‘keratin’ protein in the skin, while locking moisture into your skin to save you from environmental damage. In result, your skin remains firm and healthy for a long time.
  • It helps skin raise lipid barrier that aids to retain moisture in skin.
  • Tightens skin and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Niacinamide diminish skin inflammation. As a result, people having acne, redness and eczema issues can be benefited from this ingredient.
  • It is a mild skin care ingredient to treat hyper pigmentation and dark spots. You can use 5% to 10% concentration of Niacinamide to treat such problems.
  • Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles by minimizing the sun damage.

Now let’s move ahead with the list of best Niacinamide serum in India that we have collected for you.

  1. The derma co 10% niacinamide serum
  2. Makeup revolution blemish and pore refining serum
  3. Minimalist 10% niacinamide + zinc serum
  4. Vya naturals niacinamide serum
  5. E’clat superior niacinamide 10% serum
  1.  The derma co 10% niacinamide serum
The derma co niacinamide serum consists of 10% concentrated form of niacinamide along with zinc. Niacinamide is quite helpful in reducing dark spots caused by acne or pimples. Besides, it also brightens your skin, reduce the size of pores and even out the complexion of your skin. On the other hand, zinc is an effective ingredient to fight acne, balance sebum production and good for the overall health of your skin. This serum is sufficiently hydrating which is why it can  be used by both normal and dry skin type. People having oily and combination skin type can use this during winter. 
Mostly suitable for: Dry and normal skin type.
How To Use:

  • Apply 3-4 drops of serum over cleansed face.
  • Massage till the serum sinks into the skin completely.

NOTE: Use during night time for best results. And follow up with a broad spectrum sunscreen if you use it in the morning.

  1. Makeup revolution blemish and pore refining serum
Makeup revolution blemish and pore refining serum also contain maximum concentration of 10% niacinamide together with 1% zinc. This light weight, non-oily formula is appropriate for oily, combination, congested and blemishes prone skin. Combination of Niacinamide and zinc eases blemishes and lessens the appearance of large pores. It is an oil free, vegan formulation that does not have paraben, alcohol, fragrance and gluten. Furthermore, this serum can be also layered under makeup but I would personally recommend using it during the night time. 
Mostly suitable for: Oily and congested skin.
How To Use:
  • Take few drops of serum and apply over clean and dry face.
  • Massage or pat gently and layer a moisturizer on top of it.
NOTE: Use twice, morning and evening for better results.
  1. Minimalist 10% niacinamide + zinc serum
Minimalist niacinamide serum is reasonably priced yet effective serum for people having normal, combination and oily skin type. It is an oil free formulation that improves on the whole skin health and keep skin supple. Moreover, niacinamide decrease melanin in skin that help remove acne marks, blemish, pigmentation and reduce the emergence of pores over a period of time.  In view of the fact that, zinc is also added in this formulation, it boosts dermal immunity of skin. Besides, it is free from fragrance, sulphates, parabens, silicones, essential oil and dyes. Also, it is hypoallergenic plus non comedogenic that won’t clog your pores. 
Mostly suitable for: Normal, combination and oily skin.
How To Use:
  • Apply 2-3 drops of this serum after cleansing and toning your skin.
NOTE: Use twice for better results and follow it with a good high SPF sunscreen every morning.
  1. Vya naturals niacinamide serum
Vya naturals niacinamide serum is formulated with 5% of Niacinamide and plant extracts. This formula is good for beginners as it has a lower concentration of niacinamide. Furthermore, it is light weight and non-oily which soak up quickly without leaving any oily or greasy feel. With regular use, it replenishes the skin complexion and aids in betterment of skin barrier. Moreover, this is a vegan product and free of sulphates, parabens, artificial colour and fragrance. 
Mostly suitable for: Oily, combination skin.
How To Use:
  • After cleansing and toning apply 3-4 drops of this serum.
  • Then, use a moisturizer over it.
NOTE: Use twice following a high SPF sunscreen.
  1. E’clat superior repairing booster 10% niacinamide serum
E’clat superior repairing booster is for those who are looking for a skin repairing serum to combat the signs of aging. It is formulated with 10% niacinamide, zinc and hyaluronic acid. The serum is liberated of silicone, oils and alcohol. It helps to diminish redness, pigmentation, large pores, inflammation, control excess sebum and develop skin barrier. Panthenol in this serum soothes redness and irritation. In addition, it comes with five diverse molecular size of hyaluronic acid in which the smallest size penetrates deeper into skin. While, larger size hyaluronic acid sits over the top of skin to lock moisture in and supply enough hydration.
How To Use:
  • Apply two to four drops of serum over cleansed face following with a moisturizer.