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Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review

Face serum is an essential part of the daily makeup regime. Read more to know the review of Garnier Vitamin C Serum.

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Face serum is an essential part of the daily skincare routine. Every major skin and face care brand has launched its serum. Even Garnier has launched its new serum. It has a concentrated spot reduction formula that is a vitamin C serum. The advantages of using vitamin C for skincare is:-

  • It decreases ageing signs

  • It lessens sun damage

  • It subsides pigmentation

  • It strengthens the texture of the skin

  • Gives a bright glow to the skin

  • It heals dullness

Product name:- Garnier Vitamin C serum

Product description:- The Garnier Vitamin C serum gives a bright, and spotless glow to the skin within 3 days. The serum is infused with Japanese Yuzu lemon and 30X vitamin C. The concentrated quantity of Vitamin C gives a bright glow to the skin. It curtails spots, dark spots, and acne marks visible in less time. The vitamin C serum has a lightweight texture and easily absorbs into the skin for all skin types.

Product price- Rs. 449 for 30ml

Product packaging- The Garnier serum is packed in a glass bottle with a dropper at the top. The dropper helps to govern the amount of serum and prevent any kind of contamination. Although, if there was an opaque bottle because the serum can be light sensitive. Try to keep it in a cool and dark place to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Usage directions- Clean your face properly and dry it. Drop 3-4 drops of serum on your palm and evenly apply it over your face.

Review- The Garnier vitamin C serum is a little milky and thick with a water-like consistency. It has a fresh and mild citrus fragrance that doesn't last for long. I use it twice a day following the usage direction. Honestly, it gives a visibly effective result. The serum has a lightweight texture that gets easily absorbed into the skin. It is non-oily and ideal for oily to combination skin types. This serum can also be used under regular makeup. You can pair it up with sunscreen for daily use. Garner vitamin C serum lessens the dullness of the skin making it bright and glowing. It has elevated my skin texture making it soft and smooth. Overall, it's an effective product.

Ratings- ⅘ points.