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Himalaya Natural Shine Henna Review 

himalaya natural shine

I recently brought two packets of the new pouches of Himalaya Natural Shine Henna. I must say the packs are too pretty. Here is my review for the product.

I won't bore you with the ingredients and features of the product as the packet is very informative and as you flip it you would see all the information.


This products comes in a deep green matte plastic pouch. The pouch doesn't have a reseal mechanism so it has to be used in one go. This is why I always opt for small pouches instead of the bog one. The pouches are tightly sealed with no chances of leakage.

Colour and Consistency

It is a finely milled powder. It looks muddy brown. The product doesn't have any gritty particles. All you need is warm water to prepare the pack. The packet already includes tea powder so tea liquor isn't required. It gives a light tint to the hair.


It has the typical herbal smell that most store-brought henna powders have. There is no added fragrance to it. The fragrance doesn't go off in one wash of the hair. It takes minimum two washes.

Quantity and Price

Himalaya's henna powder is one of the most fairly priced henna powder in the market. It costs Rs. 15 for a 25g packet. It also has bigger packets containing 50g and 120g of the powder. The 50g packet costs Rs. 35 and the 120g packet costs Rs. 75.

My Experience

I use this henna powder for conditioning purpose only. I don't have grey hair so colouring and grey coverage isn't what I look for. I sometimes add other ingredients as well it the mixture however the pack suggests only water. Using the product has helped me get rid of scalp itching n one go and made my hair look voluminous. It also brings shine to the hair and gives it an orangish tint. I would rate this product a 5/5.