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Review - Zara Pink Flambé Perfume

Pink Flambé is apparently a dupe for Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. If you didn't catch the memo Viva La Juicy is usually thought by guys to be ultra-sexy, if not one of the sexiest fragrances a woman could own.

Let me start by saying that fragrance is personal, and we all experience perfumes differently which shapes our perceptions of what we feel is a nice, sexy, classy, etc. fragrance. I've smelt Viva La Juicy a couple of times, and what I smelt was something sweet but bland. However, I'm into experimenting and thought I'd at least try out Zara's dupe to see the world's sexiest perfumes' DNA.

The fragrance smells sweet, fruity, and bubbly. It's definitely a girly scent. Before buying this perfume I had looked at a few fragrance reviews, and the general consensus was that this was a nice perfume. Some really loved it and I sensed that others felt it was a bit meh. I kind of feel cruel saying that because I really haven't tested it out all that much but, it does give me noughties teen girl vibes. You know the era when glamour models were in, low rise jeans were the pain of life, but at least we could get away with rhinestones and embroidery on our jeans right?

I can totally see why men/boys/males would like it - it's definitively feminine and youthful in spirit. The type of carefree woman who ain't afraid to be sexy.

Pink Flambé is not artfully constructing your downfall or cooking up something weird in the kitchen, to tie you and your wallet down for eternity, she wants fun and she's in for the moment right now. The past? Who cares ?! The future? Why worry ?! She's totally all about living in the moment, and if that means table top dancing in the office at midday, so be it. Maybe its because I've smelt this type before on atypical "mean girls" which is why I'm extra judgemental.

So these are my thoughts. Maybe they'll change, I guess we will see but for now, I am enjoying both my new and older perfumes and I see Pink Flambé as a palette cleanser from my more broody sombre scent.