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Top 10 herbal hair colors in India in 2021

The concern for looks has increased with time in the present scenario. People keep up with trying to look good. People also follow new fashion trends and try to stay updated with time. 


Are you tired from your hair issues and are you looking to experiment and try some new looks? If yes, then we have brought a great list of hair colors that can help you in your initiative. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the chemical side effects because of these herbal hair colors. You can experiment freely with these natural colors without side effects that naturally protect your hair. 


So, read more to find out about the Top 10 herbal hair colors in India in 2021:-


(1.)Cultivators organic herbal hair (black)- This color is a blend of 3 ingredients.  The herbal color comes with 4 sachets and 25g powder in each. This herbal hair color has Henna, amla, and turmeric that protect the hair and give an extra layer of protection.  This Is a tested and safe hair color. 



  • Gives smooth hair

  • Keeps hair healthy

  • Made with herbal ingredients 

  • Nourishes the hair

  • Gives freshness to the hair



  • It cannot treat rough hair


(2.) Indus valley organic hair color, Dark Brown- Indus valley organic color includes Henna and indigo. The Indus valley organic hair color is a blend of black hair color in 40 minutes. The color is 100% natural without any chemicals. This hair color gives radiant natural looking hair without any chemicals, fertilizers, or any sort of pesticides. 



  • It's a 100% natural hair product without any chemicals.

  • Controls dandruff and promotes hair growth. 

  • Free from Ammonia, PPD, and other chemicals 

  • Prevents hair loss



  • You will have to repeat coloring every 2 weeks to keep it updated.

(3). 24 herbs certified organic hair color- This 24 herbs certified organic hair color protects hair naturally. This herbal natural color is made from 8 important herbs and gives and gives a good treatment for hair and scalp issues. It is a chemical-free product with no allergic reactions and is made from natural herb leaves extract. 



  • 100% natural hair color

  • Controls dandruff and promotes hair growth 

  • It is free from Ammonia,  hydrogen peroxide, and heavy metal.

  • It is certified.



  • The colors for only 3 weeks


(4). Vegetal hair color herbal hair dye- The vegetal hair color is safe. It is long-lasting that protects and strengthens the hair fiber. It is free from harmful synthetic chemicals, PPD, Ammonia, Parabens, etc. The vegetal hair color herbal hair dye forms completely natural herbs that protect the hair. 



  • It is a safe hair color made from natural ingredients 

  • Free from synthetic chemicals

  • Long-lasting

  • It's free from Ammonia and PPD



  • It cannot change your hair Grey hair into black or brown


(5). Go Natural GN Ancient Ayurvedic- Go natural GN Ancient Ayurvedic hair color is 100% natural and pure. It is free from chemicals. This natural hair color is made from a unique Ayurvedic formula. It has the goodness of 12 pure organic herbs. It's free from side effects and protects hair and its wellness.



  • It protects and nourishes the scalp while preserving hair intensity.

  • It gives natural and long-lasting hair color

  • It protects from damage and prevents skin irritation 

  • It gives a natural shine to the hair

  • It makes hair black, strong, and thick.



  • It's available in India


(6). Patanjali K.K color hair color cream- It is the best product for hair made with natural extracts that give an amazing touch and feel to your hair. The Patanjali K.K color hair cream is good, completely pure, and organic.  The Patanjali K. K color hair color cream is a blend of organic herbs and ingredients like Henna, Amla, Methi, BhringrajNeel Patta, Shikakai, etc  



  • It has dark brown color

  • Gets rid of roughness from hair

  • Give s a natural feel to hair

  • Makes the hair shiny

  • Available at a low price



  • It has PPD free


(7). Sadhev- Ayurvedic hair color- The Sadhev Ayurvedic hair color repairs the hair from damage. The Sadhev hair color is natural, is safe, and gives necessary hydration to the scalp. It restores the natural pH balance and it's made from completely home-based elements. 



  • It protects in hair growth

  • Nourishes the scalp

  • Makes hair long and strong

  • It prevents frizz

  • Long-lasting hair color 



  • Only available in black color


(8). Biotique bio-hair color 3N darkest brown ayurvedic hair color- The boutique bio-herb Ayurvedic hair color is made for natural ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin. This product is 100% pure made with 9 organic herbal extracts. It is preservative-free and dermatologically tested. 



  • Long-lasting

  • Improves hair color

  • Gives healthy hair

  • Makes hair silky

  • Ammonia free



  • Available in one color only


(9). Kama Ayurveda natural organic hair color kit- The Kama Ayurveda natural organic hair color is made from organic indigo and henna. It has an original and chemical-free color. It has the best deep black and brown color that is safe and pure. It covers the greys and gives strength and volume to the hair. Still, if you have any doubts you can test it on a small hair patch and be sure of any kind of allergies. 



  • Organic hair color

  • Suitable for both men and women.

  • Simple and safe

  • Makes hair soft, silky, and shiny

  • Prevents damages



  • Make sure it does not come in contact with your eyes or ears.  Because it can cause damage to those areas.


10. Dr. Batra's Herbal Hair color cream- Dr. Batra's herbal hair color is filled with the goodness of Thuja, Henna, and Herbs. It's completely Ammonia free that repairs and hydrates your hair for a silky look. It gives an amazingly natural look but it is for external use only.



  •  Makes hair shiny, soft, and beautiful 

  • Ammonia free

  • Long-lasting

  • It repairs and hydrates your hair.



  • It can be itchy on the scalp occasionally.


Conclusion- Well, this is our list of the best herbal hair colors that you will get in India the next time you look for them. These products are completely free from chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and preservatives that give a natural look. We care for our readers and we have mentioned the complete details of all the products in the list. You can try it and witness the results yourself.