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Top 10 lash serums to buy in 2023

The Ingredients That Matter: Experts Weigh in on the Best Lash Serums for Longer, Fuller Lashes
lash serums

For 2022, there are lash serums available that do not require a prescription, which means that you no longer have to visit a dermatologist to find a suitable one. To help you choose from the many options, we consulted experts for their preferred products and the ingredients that have a significant impact. According to Dr. Purvisha Patel, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, lash serums are effective when applied consistently every day, and it typically takes a month to notice results. However, except for serums such as Pacifica's under-$15 formula that have a serum primer, instant gratification is not likely.

If you're looking for a completely natural and clean option, castor oil can have a significant impact. Board-certified ophthalmologist and founder of Twenty/Twenty Beauty, Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo, has been using castor oil on dry eye patients for years to alleviate their painful symptoms, and she noticed that many of them developed thicker, longer lashes over time. Therefore, she decided to use it as the star ingredient in her serum. However, she advises that it's essential to protect your lash foundation first. According to her, if the root of your lashes or brows is dead, no product can bring them back, and certain beauty treatments can kill them. To promote healthy hair, it's best to avoid treatments like lash lifts and extensions and instead focus on supplements that fill in any nutritional gaps you may have, such as Nutrafol, which can also aid in lash growth. Furthermore, serums can be beneficial due to their hydrating properties. Dr. Hilal-Campo recommends hydrating dry, brittle lashes to prevent breakage and promote healthier growth.

Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose, a board-certified dermatologist, explains that the prostaglandins or PGAs found in some lash serums are still somewhat mysterious. Latisse, which contains the prescription-strength prostaglandin bimatoprost, is known to stimulate growth, but the exact mechanism is not fully understood. Over-the-counter prostaglandin-based serums typically contain a weaker prostaglandin to minimize the risk of side effects, such as skin discoloration, changes in iris color, and fat atrophy that can result in a "sunken look," as described by Dr. Hilal-Campo. Hence, it is understandable why clean formulas such as Dr. Lara Devgan's Platinum Long Lash Serum and Luna Nectar's Moon Boost Serum are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are ten serums that experts and users recommend to enhance your lash growth potential.Here are ten serums that experts and users recommend to enhance your lash growth potential.

Dr. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty Platinum Long Lash Serum


Dr. Lara Devgan's range of science-backed products carries significant weight, given her credentials as an award-winning plastic surgeon. The Platinum Long Lash Serum has been awarded Sephora's clean seal of approval and is supported by clinical data. In a clinical study, patients experienced a 25% increase in lash length after two weeks of use, and over 70% improvement in lash density after a month. After two months, the serum led to an average 45% increase in new eyelash growth, without the common side effect of darkened skin and eye color seen with PGA formulas.

Better Not Younger Superpower Lash Growth Serum


Dr. Murphy-Rose says that the top lash serums comprise of ingredients that condition and hydrate, vitamins that strengthen, and peptides that stimulate growth. Better Not Younger's serum has a peptide complex that promotes healthier-looking lashes, with studies demonstrating an up to 82% increase in eyelash density. According to the brand's Head of Product and Innovation, Dr. Debra Lin, the serum also features vitamin-B complexes, pumpkin-seed extract, and hyaluronic acid to enhance the appearance of stronger, smoother, and healthier-looking lashes.

Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum


An award-winning serum, highly rated and one of Amazon's top sellers, contains panthenol and biotin in its formula. Dr. Murphy-Rose states that biotin or vitamin B7 is a recognized "hair" vitamin that strengthens the hair shaft, resulting in longer hair growth, while panthenol, a vitamin B5 derivative, may have a similar effect. The brand adds that the serum is suitable for use on eyebrows, lash extensions, and strip lashes.

Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer


The lash enhancer from Lashfood has been approved by dermatologists and is marked with Sephora's clean seal. According to Dr. Hilal-Campo, this product's formulation includes a combination of beneficial ingredients such as purslane extract, which is high in antioxidant vitamin E and moisturizing fatty acids, as well as hydrating ginseng. Additionally, it contains arginine, an amino acid present in keratin that helps to maintain and reinforce hair strength.

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum


Mia Fiona Kut, the founder of Luna Nectar, developed her eco-friendly lash serum a few years ago after witnessing the negative effects of other chemical-based formulas on her sister and herself. She combined modern science with her knowledge of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism to create a PGA-free serum. The Canada-based brand also promotes carbon offsetting, tree planting, and product-package recycling programs.

LiLash Purified Lash Serum


LiLash is another highly rated serum that contains a combination of paraben-free, vegan, and natural ingredients. According to Dr. Hilal-Campo, in addition to panthenol, the formula also contains biotin, which is particularly beneficial for promoting healthy hair growth in individuals who are biotin deficient. Additionally, the serum includes hydrolyzed lupine proteins, which are known for their high content of amino acids and fatty acids and their ability to nourish hair.

Milk Makeup Kush Lash + Brow Serum


According to Dr. Hilal-Campo, Milk Makeup's Kush formula, which also functions as a brow serum, comprises cannabis-seed extract, a source of linoleic acid, a vital fatty acid that supports healthy hair growth. "The serum also contains vitamin B5 (panthenol) and several peptides that can promote the production of healthy keratin," she adds.

Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Serum


According to plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati, castor oil can be a natural and effective way to promote eyelash growth. However, he emphasizes the importance of keeping it away from the eyes and advises against using it with eyelash extensions since it's an oil-based product.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum


According to Dr. Patel, Grandelash MD is her preferred lash serum, which contains prostaglandin derivatives. She explains that these derivatives extend the anagen phase of the hair follicles, resulting in longer lashes. They also promote the production of melanin, which makes the lashes darker.

Vegamour Gro Lash Serum


According to Dr. Hilal-Campo, Vegamour's serum consists of peptides and mung bean extract, a mineral-rich ingredient containing selenium that is believed to contribute to hair growth.