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Top 10 Lingerie Brands In India In 2024


A woman's undergarments are an integral part of her. Lingerie is something you wear from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. It must thus give you a sense of confidence and feel like a second skin. The brand matters a lot when selecting the best-fitting undergarments. Their services and the ideas that underpin them must meet your needs. We are here to assist you with the top Indian lingerie brands because of this. 

Here Are The Lingerie Brands That Sell All Sizes | LBB

  1. Clovia

In India, Clovia is one of the lingerie brands that is expanding the fastest. It is well-known for offering women's functional activity, stylish and trendy nightwear, and high-quality innerwear with a focus on solutions. Their main objective is to provide outstanding craftsmanship, unparalleled comfort, and affordable rates. Indian customers seeking both price and quality have come to love Clovia.

  1. Zivame

The purpose of founding Zivame in 2011 was to provide women the freedom to freely shop for lingerie. In this stage, the brand evaluated the idea's effect and how it assisted women in dispelling misconceptions. These days, Zivame is going above and above by making investments in a network that has a significant impact on women. All of their innovations, from their online and offline stores to the introduction of new categories, are driven by ideas that have never been seen before. Furthermore, Zivame is a well-known Indian online lingerie business with a wide selection of stylish and comfortable women's lingerie. Zivame has everything from quirky to sophisticated, bold to gorgeous, laced or wired—you name it.

  1. Amante

Amante is a women's lingerie business from India with decades of experience in creating intimate apparel that carefully considers fit, comfort, style, and design. These products are specifically tailored to Asian women's body types and preferences. In addition to lingerie, a large assortment of sportswear, sleepwear, and contour fits are offered for ladies. Amanté is also a comprehensive one-stop store for women's lingerie shopping.  Amante provides everything you need, whether you're looking for new swimwear for your next vacation, a bra for everyday comfort, or even help to customize an outfit for a special occasion.

  1. Bodycare

In 1992, Bodycare was established as M/S Pawan Hosiery, producing knickers under the 'Bodycare' brand, which is a well-known name in the innerwear industry in India and around the world. "Bodycare Creations Ltd.," was established in 2008, a few years later. Bodycare is committed to creating high-quality, comfortable goods. One of the most well-known lingerie companies in India, this one focuses on stylish yet comfortable women's knickers. In addition to these, they provide an incredible assortment of practical products like feeding bras, maternity panties, Teflon-coated sanitary napkins, and tummy control panties.

  1. Triumph

Triumph is a German brand that has more than a century of experience in the lingerie industry. The brand provides a selection of fashionable, cozy, and useful undergarments for ladies.

  1. Jockey

The name Jockey needs no introduction. Established in 1876 by Samuel T. Cooper, this is the most well-known underwear brand in India. Jockey offers a variety of items, such as comfortable loungewear, panties, and daily bras of the highest caliber. Due to its broad range of products that suit various body types, this brand has become well-known in the Indian market. They also have the best brand of pants for regular use. Layering is best with lounge bras, padded bras, wired bras, sleep bras, nursing bras, crop tops, camisoles, and slips. The exceptional quality of all Jockey innerwear is attributed to the fact that most of them are made of cotton, which is why they last so long.

  1. Enamor

Top knickers company Enamor is situated in Bengaluru and offers athleisure, bras, and knickers of the highest caliber. In 2001, Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris formed a partnership to launch the brand. The business is most known for its distinctive material quality and reasonable prices. Its bras are best-selling in the Indian market because of their excellent quality and large size selection. 

  1. Marks & Spencer

Although it was founded in the UK, Marks & Spencer has operations in India. Marks & Spencer offers a variety of fashionable options for undergarments, such as tank tops, the greatest lingerie, and comfy bras.

  1. Nykd By Nykaa

The Nykd lingerie selection One of our faves right now, By Nykaa, is growing. The greatest bra and pant brand in India is Nykd, a recently debuted company that has made a name for itself. Nykaa, the company behind the brand, has a wide selection of bras, pants, stockings, shapewear, knickers, and more that you should definitely check out!

  1. Van Heusen

Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen, and Dramin Jones founded the American apparel company Van Heusen in 1881. The brand, which is situated in Manhattan, sells premium pants and has clients worldwide. Not only can Van Heusen effortlessly transition between different occasions, but it is also the most well-liked underwear brand in India.