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Top 10 Vegan Lipstick Brands In India In 2023


Lipsticks are an important part of women/girls' life. Right? They are an vital part of makeup and everyday looks for women. It adds a level of confidence and how a person feels. Meanwhile, the concept of going vegan and using vegan products is becoming popular. And as lipsticks are applied on lips, women are searching for vegan lipsticks. Today, we will be talking about of the vegan lipstick brands in India. 

Shahnaz Husain | Vegan Lipstick Brands

1. Shahnaz Husain 

Shahnaz Husain is a beautician with her brand of organic beauty products. Most of her products are made of herbs and plant extractions within their plantation. Interesting and trustful right? Talking about their lipsticks, they not just put colour to the lips and beautify them but also nourish them by providing moisture and hydration. 

2. The Body Shop 

If you are into skincare and makeup, you must definately know about this brand as it is a widely used one amongst different age groups. It is a british brand with around two decade of presence in India. It makes beautiful, cruelty free, and best working and smelling products. Talking about their lipsticks, if you like matte lipsticks then you should definatety try this one and you won't need any other brand. 

3. Biotique 

If you haven't used this brand's lipsticks yet, you are missing out on an amazing product. It is an Ayurvedic brand which nourishes your skin. Their Natural Makeup Magicolor Lipstick is one of the best to start your journey with the brand, it’s smudge-proof and gives an 8-hour long finish to your makeup.

4. Iba Halal Care 

There lipsticks are vegan with no milk, no honey and no wax. The lipsticks don't last for long but are definately safe and lead free. 

5. Wet and Wild 

It is a Los Angels based brand which has a wide range of affordable products for women. They have tons of vegan lipsticks, you can find regular lipstick, gloss, liquid lipstick and so much more. It glides like butter and leaves a beautiful essence. 

6. Lotus Herbals 

It is one of the oldest and most trusted brands. Each of its long-wear lip color contains more than 40 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants.

7. Colorssence 

They are a promising brand and their lipsticks are 100%  vegetarian with no animal ingredients.

8. Soultree 

It is a certified Ayurvedic brand. They have a variety of 24 shades in lipsticks.  The ingredients include organic sweet almond oil, wild honey, and organic ghee. 

9. Ruby's Organics 

They make lipsticks with the benefits of a lip balm. It has the moisturizing butter of Mango and Shea to keep your lips soft and hydrated. 

10. Oriflame 

Their products refrain from using non-vegetarian ingredients, neither alive nor dead.