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What Are Parabens? What Does Paraben Free Mean?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals in the face and skincare products. Read more about Parabens below.


At present, the world has grown to become more careful over necessary precautions for good self-care. We keep a note on what we eat and use while caring to read and understand the ingredients used in our skincare products. But, do you know about parabens that are the most found element in skincare products?


What are parabens?

As we mentioned, parabens are bad for the skin and health. Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are used in the form of chemicals in skincare products. It increases the shelf life of skincare products while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in beauty products.  


They are widely used in skincare and beauty products because they successfully create the desired results at fewer costs. As per scientific results, parabens can harm fertility and affect hormones in the human body along with other negative effects. It contributes to increasing the sensitivity of skin towards sunlight and UV rays causing skin cells to die quickly. This is known as skin aging. All this does not mean that skincare or beauty products cannot be made with parabens. They can be made with other natural and safe ingredients. So, if you find methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and isobutylparaben, etc. written on your skincare products then it means that it contains parabens.


The future of beauty products without Paraben:

The awareness among companies and consumers is increasing regarding paraben. This has given rise to the introduction and manufacturing of paraben-free skincare products.  The companies are using herbs and other natural ingredients to make skincare products without any kind of parabens. As a brand, it's not about using or not using paraben. It's about making and promoting safe skincare products.  

What is paraben-free skincare? 

Now, more companies are coming up with safe alternatives for parabens. But, some maintain the stand that paraben-free products will not be effective and gentle. 


We will tell you why you need to use paraben-free products and ditch parabens in all your products.  Paraben-free skincare products are gentle and effective like any product with paraben negating the use of synthetic ingredients in skincare products. It will help you avoid dullness and irritation on your skin.


What is Paraben free hair care? 

Parabens and sulfates give greater shelf life and lather to a haircare product. Still, along with that, it's responsible for some negative effects on hair like removing the natural oils from hair that keep the hair healthy. It can also result in skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.


Traditional hair care for years in India has always been about ayurvedic and natural ingredients and remedies. So, this proves that good hair care is possible without the use of synthetic chemicals.  As a result, You will also see more haircare products endorsing its 'Paraben-free' Status. 


What is 'paraben-free beauty'? 

You find the mention of ingredients like 'butylparaben', 'methylparaben', or 'propylparaben' on skincare products.  But, average people are not aware that it indicates the presence of parabens. The FDA is still reviewing and analyzing these parabens and their use in skincare products.  


Many companies use some or other kind of preservatives for their skincare product to increase their shelf life. But, Paraben-free products are more safe and gentle without any kind of skin damage. So, paraben-free beauty is all about using a safe alternative for preservatives and letting customers know that there is no use of such parabens in skincare and beauty products.