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Best Thalapathy Vijay Quotes Till 2022

Vijay was born on June 22, 1974, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to a Roman Catholic family. S. A. Chandrasekhar, his father, is a well-known film director, and Shoba Chandrasekhar, his mother, is a playback singer and Carnatic vocalist. The actor went to Virugambakkam's Balalok Matriculation Higher Secondary School and afterwards graduated from Loyola College in Chennai with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication.

Thalapathy Vijay Quotes:

1. Fly above the negativity

2. Be very careful about what you think! Your thoughts run your life

3. The sign of success is known in your daily work

4. Learn to wait! There’s always time for everything

5. Risk whatever it takes to make your dreams comes true

6. Being alone has a power that very few people can handle

7. Ignore negativity. It’s easy to do and it works

8. Choose the right direction to achieve your destination

9. I have more haters, because my performance level is high!

10. Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view

11. Be proud of yourself for how hard you are trying

12. When someone doesn’t like you, just look at them and smile 

13. Never think everyone should love you. Have some haters, it’ll make your life fun. 

14. The best way to handle the negativity around you is ignoring 

15. Tough Times Don’t Last Tough People Do