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Ella D' Verma Age, Height, Biography, Family, Real Name, Gender

Ella D’ Verma: Shattering Norms and Inspiring Change
Ella D' Verma


Introduction: Ella D’ Verma, born on August 25, 1998, in Delhi, India, is a trailblazing Indian model and social media influencer. Formerly known as Dev Verma, Ella's journey is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and breaking societal barriers. Let's explore the remarkable life and achievements of this inspirational figure.

Ella d verma Wikipedia, age, family, Career, marrage and Biography

Early Life and Transformation: Ella's early life, marked by challenges and struggles, took a transformative turn when she embraced her true identity. Assigned male at birth, Ella faced societal taunts and exploitation. Her parents, initially considering sending her to Australia, had to change plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This unplanned pause became the catalyst for Ella's transformation journey, and she emerged as her authentic self when the lockdown ended.

Educational Journey: Despite facing obstacles in her educational journey due to discrepancies between her transition and official records, Ella completed her 12th grade at St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School in Meera Bagh, Delhi. Unfortunately, she couldn't pursue further education in college.

Modelling Career: Ella Verma's love for makeup art, initially suppressed due to societal pressures, found expression through social media. Her makeup tutorials gained recognition, showcasing her natural talent. Overcoming underconfidence post-transition, Ella committed to a modelling career.

Notable Achievements:

  1. Zivame Face (2016): At just 18, Ella became the first transgender face of the renowned Indian women’s underwear brand, Zivame. Her achievement marked progress for the LGBTQ+ community in India.

  2. Miss Trans Queen 2023 (1st Runner-up): Representing Delhi in the Miss Trans Queen 2023 pageant, Ella's confidence and grace secured her the position of 1st Runner-up. Her journey inspires and highlights the beauty and resilience of transgender women.

  3. Fitness Competition Judge: Beyond modelling, Ella served as a judge in a fitness competition, showcasing her diverse involvement in the fashion and beauty industry.

Physical Attributes:

Ella d verma Wikipedia, age, family, Career, marrage and Biography

  1. Height: Standing at 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters), Ella commands attention.

  2. Weight: With a weight of 60 kg, she maintains a balanced physique.

  3. Figure Measurements: Ella's figure, measured at 35-27-35, complements her graceful appearance.

Personal Life: Ella D’ Verma remains unmarried, and details about her relationships are not publicly disclosed. Her family includes her mother, Varsha Verma, and a younger sister.

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Hobbies: Ella finds joy in traveling and listening to music, reflecting her vibrant and multifaceted personality.

Social Impact: Ella's presence in the fashion and beauty industry extends beyond personal achievements. She actively raises awareness about the struggles and accomplishments of the transgender community, contributing to a more inclusive society.

Conclusion: Ella D’ Verma's journey from societal challenges to becoming a prominent figure in the modelling industry is both empowering and inspiring. Her story reflects not only personal resilience but also the broader societal shift towards acceptance and celebration of diverse identities. As Ella continues to break barriers and inspire change, her impact reaches far beyond the runway, leaving an indelible mark on the world. Follow Ella's journey for ongoing inspiration and advocacy for inclusivity and diversity.