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Inspiring Journey Of Mr Indian Hacker, Youtuber Dilraj Singh Rawat

Know About Inspiring Journey Of Mr Indian Hacker, Youtuber Dilraj Singh Rawat
 Dilraj Singh Rawat


Mr Indian Hacker, also known as Dilraj Singh Rawat, is not exactly the hacker you may think he is. He is a YouTuber who, despite his name, posts really difficult-to-understand science experiments on his channel.

One may argue that Mr Indian Hacker is India's largest experimenting channel, with over 30 million subscribers. His channel is focused on experimenting and enjoying science while showcasing bizarre yet fascinating results that occur from unplanned experiments.

He constantly devises new ways to keep the fun going and conducts wild experiments, like building the largest Diwali anar in the world, testing remote-control firecrackers, building a dead sea at home with zero gravity, and a ton of other thrilling experiments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Journey on YouTube

While still enrolled in school, Dilraj started his YouTube account back in 2012, when the world was still getting used to the idea of YouTube. He began posting videos on the platform after learning that regular individuals like you and me could also upload them, but they would only get a few views.

Since receiving his first salary of Rs 10,000 from YouTube in 2016, he has become unstoppable. In addition, he took on odd jobs because he had vowed to himself not to waste his parents' hard-earned money on himself. Upon his YouTube channel's eventual success, he made the decision to devote all of his time to it.

Life Narrative
In the Rajasthani town of Ajmer, a small town, DIlraj was born and raised. In his science class in the twelfth grade, he was always required to follow the objective scientific norms in the laboratory.

As the disobedient student that he was, he purposefully combined salt and water and witnessed an explosion occur right before his eyes. His adventure with scientific exploration began from this point on.

He learned that transient enjoyment could have drawbacks after suffering a hand injury while experimenting with liquid nitrogen at work, among other occurrences.

And these days, he takes safety extremely seriously and he and his team analyze any possible risks they may encounter before posting anything on his channel.

Academic Instruction
Formal education was not his top focus in life when he started a YouTube channel that brought in a consistent income. Not everyone is a good fit for formal education.

Life may teach you much more lessons than any formal education could ever hope to impart. But sometimes, things happen in this world.

It's possible to argue that Dilraj has lived and learnt rather than the other way around. He values learning new things through experiencing real life rather than just obtaining a number of degrees.

It was difficult for him and his family to achieve financial security because they were from a rural background. He claims in a video that he was forced to live without a decent place to reside or appropriate clothes or shoes. His neighbors had to provide him with an electrical loan.

Making excuses is no longer an option because of the way he was able to turn his life around with YouTube's assistance, proving that nothing is truly impossible in this world if you're willing to put your all into something that matters to you.