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IPS Officer Salary Structure In 2024

Know About IPS Officer Salary Structure In 2024
IPS officer


Once applicants pass one of the hardest exams in the world, the UPSC, they can aspire to one of the most coveted occupations in our nation—the Indian police service. In the public sector, one of the most sought-after job profiles is UPSC IPS. Indian youngsters are particularly drawn to this employment because of its authority, reputation in society, and substantial pay and benefits. The panel uses the 7th Pay panel's rules to establish an IPS officer's remuneration. The level and scale of the officer's position determine an IPS officer's compensation in India. Every region in India receives the same starting pay for the post of IPS officer.

One of the most coveted civil services in the nation is the Indian Police Service (IPS).
One of the hardest exams in India, the UPSC Civil Services Examination, is used to choose candidates for the Indian Police Service (IPS).
An IPS officer holds a prominent and well-respected position in the government. The pay for the officers is similarly competitive.

What you need to know about their compensation scale is provided here.
Officers in the DSP, ASP, and SP levels are paid
IPS R V Ramya Bharati Made DDG, Bureau of Civil Aviation & Security -
An entry-level deputy superintendent of police (DSP) officer in a state police or central police force reportedly earns Rs. 56,100 per month following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.
An assistant superintendent of police (ASP) officer at the entry level makes Rs. 67,700 per year.

A superintendent of police (SP) officer is paid Rs. 78,800 a month, which is a higher rank in the system.

IPS Compensation Plan for 2024
The table below shows the basic payment, dearness allowance, gross salary, net deduction of income tax and other deductions, and in-hand salary for Indian police service (IPS) officers. An IPS officer is eligible for a number of alluring benefits and allowances with a base salary of 56100 rupees. The table below provides the information.

IPS Salary Details Amount in Rupees
Basic Pay Rs 56,100
Dearness Allowance (DA) Rs 23,562
Gross Salary Rs 79,662
Net Deduction ( 10% of Basic Pay + DA) Rs 7966
Income Tax and Other Deductions Rs 4,000 to Rs 4200 approx
IPS Officer In-hand Salary Rs 67,696 to Rs 67,000


Salary through IPS Rank Wise 2024
Deputy superintendent of police, or DSP, is the entry-level post for an IPS officer. A DSP's starting monthly salary is 67,696/-in rupees. The candidate's pay rises in accordance with their promotion to a higher position. In India, an IPS officer can make up to 2,52,550 rupees a month. You may find information about the salaries of Indian police personnel based on their various postings and ranks in the table below.

IPS Ranks IPS Officer Salary Scale
Deputy Superintendent of Police Rs 67,696
Additional Superintendent of Police Rs 80,500
Superintendent of Police/Deputy Commissioner of Police Rs 92,778
Senior Superintendent of Police Rs 1,37,443
Deputy Inspector General of Police Rs 1,49,667
Inspector General of Police Rs 1,61,288
Additional Director General of Police Rs 2,02,872
Director General of Police/Director of IB or CBI Rs 2,52,550