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Keerthi Shankaraghatta

Keerthi Shankaraghatta, also known as Keerthi Kumar, hails from Shankaraghatta, Shivamogga, Karnataka, and is widely recognized as Kirik Keerthi, a prominent figure in Kannada television. He has been associated with various channels such as Public TV and currently with Samaya TV, where he serves as a commentator and social activist. His engaging commentaries, thought-provoking Facebook posts, and YouTube videos have garnered him immense popularity on the internet.

Keerthi Shankaraghatta

Born to Udaykumar and Lalita Udaykumar, Keerthi derives his name, which means fame, from his birthplace. He has a brother named Shivu. In his personal life, Keerthi is married to Arpitha, with whom he has a son named Avishkar.

Keerthi received his primary education in Shankaraghatta's village school and pursued his high school education at Sri Aurabindo High School in the same locality. Later, he studied journalism at Sahyadri College in Shivamogga and furthered his education at Kuvempu University, Shimoga.

Throughout his career, Keerthi has held various roles in the media industry. He has served as a new project editor at Public TV, an editor at Samaya TV and Samaya News, and also worked at the advertisement company "Ideathma." Additionally, he has contributed as a producer at Colors Kannada and as an associate producer at Kasturi Media Pvt Ltd. He has been actively involved in TV and news media since 2007 and occasionally writes for Kannada newspapers. He also serves as an editor for the online newspaper "The New Indian Times."

Keerthi gained further recognition when he participated in Bigg Boss Season 4 alongside other notable contestants. Known for his humor, active participation, straightforwardness, and overall persona, he has emerged as one of the strongest contenders in the show.

Beyond his media career, Keerthi is actively engaged in activism, particularly in advocating for the Kannada language. He has demonstrated his support for various causes, including the Kaveri Issue, where he stood with the people of Karnataka and urged Bangalore software companies to join in a silent protest against a Supreme Court decision.

In addition to his professional and activist endeavors, Keerthi occasionally collaborates with others to create engaging videos. Notably, he recently directed a video titled "Namma Bengaluru," featuring Chandan Shetty, Suman, Aditi Rao, Vikram Yoganand, and others.

With his multifaceted career spanning journalism, television, activism, and occasional ventures into direction, Keerthi Shankaraghatta continues to captivate audiences with his wit, insight, and dedication to social causes.