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Meera Jaffrey Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography

Meera Jaffrey

Meera Bombardiere, currently serving as a music educator in the Learning Community Charter School’s Music Department, enjoys a substantial income while keeping her overall net worth a closely guarded secret. Meanwhile, her mother, Madhur, an accomplished actress, boasts an estimated net worth of $18 million, accumulated through her work, online entertainment earnings, and a lavish lifestyle.

Meera Jaffrey

Born and raised in the cultural hub of New York City, Meera, despite her Indian roots, experienced a life shaped by the United States. Benefiting from her family's deep-seated connections, she faced no obstacles in obtaining quality education and maintaining a comfortable standard of living.

Her family's pedigree is marked by excellence, with Madhur Jaffery, a distinguished Indo-American actress, as her mother, and Saeed Jaffrey as her father. In the familial tapestry, Meera occupies the second-born slot, with elder sister Jia Jaffrey and younger sister Sakina Jaffrey forming a closely-knit trio.

Educationally accomplished, Meera completed her early schooling in her native city, securing a college degree from a prestigious institution. Furthering her academic pursuits, she enrolled at Oberlin College, dedicating her studies to Chinese studies.

Choosing a professional path distinct from her family's cinematic legacy, Meera currently imparts musical knowledge at the Learning Community Charter School’s Music Department in Jersey City, New Jersey. Adding a global touch to her career, in 2005, she journeyed to China to create "Fine Rain: Politics and Folk Songs in China," a documentary celebrating the cultural richness of the nation.

Meera's personal life reveals a commitment to privacy. She is happily married to Craig Bombardiere, and the couple welcomed a child named Rohan Jaffrey. The absence of evidence concerning past relationships underscores her discreet nature. Meera refrains from engaging in online entertainment platforms, maintaining an untraceable digital presence, and refraining from establishing official accounts under her name.

The talk-free aura surrounding Meera extends beyond her online presence; she has managed to steer clear of controversies and gossip, aligning with her preference for a private lifestyle. In navigating the delicate balance between personal and public domains, Meera Bombardiere exemplifies a commitment to a low-profile existence.