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Neil Armstrong's Wife Carol Held Knight Age, Biography, Family

The Enduring Legacy of Carol Held Knight: A Glimpse into the Life, Love, and Family of Neil Armstrong's Second Wife
 Neil Armstrong's Wife Carol Held Knight Age, Biography, Family

Carol Held Knight, the second wife of Neil Armstrong, the iconic astronaut who took the first steps on the moon, led a life filled with love, tragedy, and resilience. Born in 1945 to Victor Held and Rosario Cota, Carol's journey unfolded through the highs and lows of marriage, loss, and a serendipitous encounter that changed the course of her life.

Early Life and Tragedy

Carol was previously married to Ralph Knight, with whom she had two children – Molly and Andrew. However, tragedy struck when she lost her first husband to a plane crash in 1989. Left to raise her two teenagers single-handedly, Carol also managed her small family construction business based in Cincinnati.

Who is Carol Held Knight? All About Neil Armstrong's wife

Neil Armstrong's First Marriage

Neil Armstrong, on the other hand, was previously married to Janet Elizabeth Shearon, with whom he shared a 38-year-long marriage. They had three children – Alan, Karen Anne, and Mark Stephen. Unfortunately, Karen Anne succumbed to a brain tumor in 1962. The couple decided to part ways in 1994, and Neil's search for love led him to a fateful blind date that would change both his and Carol's lives forever.

A Fateful Meeting

In 1992, Neil Armstrong and Carol Held Knight met for the first time on a blind date arranged by their mutual friends Paul and Sally Christiansen. The setting was a golf tournament, and the couple found themselves seated together for the pre-tournament breakfast at a Cincinnati club. At that time, Neil was still married to Janet, but their relationship had soured.

Their meeting was marked by an initial nervousness on Carol's part, being seated next to the legendary astronaut. However, the two struck up a conversation, and Neil, being a true gentleman, escorted her to her car after the breakfast. A few weeks later, Neil reached out to Carol, and their connection deepened.

A Journey of Love

Neil Armstrong and Carol Held Knight tied the knot on June 12, 1994, in Ohio, after Neil's divorce from Janet was finalized. The couple celebrated two wedding ceremonies – an intimate one in Ohio and a grand event at the 'San Ysidro Ranch' in California. Following their marriage, they built their first home in California, where they lived for several years before settling in Indian Hill, Ohio.

The Last Years Together

Carol and Neil spent their last years together in Indian Hill, Ohio. Despite not having any children of their own, their love story was a testament to companionship and support. Neil Armstrong, however, passed away on August 25, 2012, succumbing to complications from heart surgery.

Legacy and Continued Resilience

After Neil's demise, Carol Held Knight continued to reside in their Indian Hill home, keeping alive the memories of their time together. Her life story reflects not only the love and loss she experienced but also the strength and resilience that defined her journey. Carol's unwavering spirit and the enduring legacy of Neil Armstrong in the annals of space exploration continue to inspire generations.