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Pradeep Mishra Age, Biography, Wife, Family, Birth Date

Exploring the Life and Legacy of Pradeep Mishra: Unveiling the Personal and Professional Dimensions - Age, Biography, Wife, Family, and Birth Date
Pradeep Mishra Age, Biography, Wife, Family, Birth Date

Pradeep Mishra, a renowned Indian storyteller and hymn writer, was born on June 16, 1977, in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, making him 46 years old as of 2023. Widely recognized as a pundit and storyteller, he has gained fame for his captivating narratives. In this post, we delve into various aspects of Pradeep Mishra's life, including his age, family, katha fees, and biography.

Pradeep Mishra, also known as Sehore Wale Baba, is a spiritual orator with a significant following. His popularity is evident in the fact that he charges more than 50 thousand for a single story. In 2023, at the age of 46, he continues to captivate audiences with his spiritual teachings and storytelling prowess. Pradeep Mishra is married, and his father is Shri Rameshwar Dayal Ji Mishra.

Personal Details:

  • Real Name: Pandit Shri Pradeep Mishra
  • Nick Name: Pradeep Mishra
  • Other Name: Raghuram
  • Profession: Spiritual Orator
  • Famous As: Sehore Wale Baba
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Caste: Brahmin

Birth Details:

  • Birth Place: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Date Of Birth: June 16, 1977
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Home Town: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Qualification: Graduate

Family Details:

  • Father: Rameshwar Dayal Mishra
  • Mother: Seeta Mishra
  • Brothers: Deepak Mishra and Vinay Mishra
  • Sisters: Not Known
  • Marriage Status: Married
  • Marriage Date: December 5, 2004
  • Wife: Not Known
  • Children: Sons – Madhav Mishra and Raghav Mishra

Physical Appearance:

  • Height: 173 cm | 1.73 m | 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 65 Kg
  • Age (2023): 46 years old
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown

Pradeep Mishra's marriage details include the fact that he is married, but his wife's name is not known.

Who is Pradeep Mishra?

Pandit Pradeep Mishra, hailing from Sehore city in Madhya Pradesh, is a prominent Hindu storyteller. He stirred controversy when, during a katha, he advocated for changing the country's constitution to establish a Hindu Rashtra, a statement that went viral on social media, sparking a heated debate.