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Saif Belhasa Age, Height, Bio, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth

Know About Saif Belhasa Age, Height, Bio, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth
Saif Ahmed Belhasa

Biography of  Saif Ahmed Belhasa

The CEO of Belhasa International Group, an organization with over 30 companies engaged in a variety of industries like architecture, locomotives, schools, and lodging, to mention a few, is Saif Ahmed Belhasa, an Emirati industrialist and billionaire. to mention a few. Belhasa is regarded as one of the richest businessmen in his nation.

His business empire in the United Arab Emirates and other places grew as a result of his perseverance and hard work.In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on January 16, 1966, Saif Ahmed Belhasa was born to parents whose identities and other facts are currently unknown to the media. Although it is known that the millionaire was reared in the United Arab Emirates, it is unknown if he is an only child or if he has siblings. Regretfully, the media is still unaware of this.

Education And Career

In 1988,he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Al Ain University. After that, he pursued his education in the US before coming back to Dubai.When Belhasa first arrived back from the United States, he worked at his father's house and learned a great deal about business. Before rising from junior staff to managing director and then managing director, he spent five years working there. Upon founding his own company, "Saif Belhasa Holding Company," in 2001, Saif Ahmed Belhasa broke away from his father's business with the primary goal of launching new ventures under a different brand. Originally founded with fewer than 20 automobiles, the "Belhasa Driving Center" is currently among the most well-known driving schools in Dubai, housing over 620 vehicles. Its mission is to assist senior citizens in obtaining a driver's license by providing them with instruction.

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Wife-Sarah Belhasa

Children-Abdulla, Mayed and Rashed Belhasa.

Rashed, the youngest child of Saif Ahmed Belhasa, is well-known for being a YouTube vlogger. He uploads videos to his "Money Kicks" channel, which has amassed 779,000 subscribers. Abdulla and Mayed, the elder sons of Saif and Sarah, are well-known in their home nation for their roles as professional football players. Belhasa is a man who values his family. He enjoys going to different vacation spots across the world with his family and spending quality time with them. Net worth Over the years, Belhasa has managed to accumulate a net worth of $2.2 billion, citing reliable sources. He comes up at number eighteen on the list of richest Arabs in 2019.


Over the years, Belhasa has managed to accumulate a net worth of $2.2 billion. He comes up at number eighteen on the list of richest Arabs in 2019. Given the remarkable success that Belhasa's companies and single proprietorships have enjoyed over the years, it is not surprising that he has a high net worth.