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Shreya Lenka Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Date Of Birth

Shreya Lenka

Born on September 15, 2003, in Rourkela, Odisha, India, Shreya Lenka , popularly known as Sriya, emerged onto the global stage as the first Indian K-Pop star with the South Korean girl group Blackswan, under the banner of DR Music. This significant milestone was confirmed on May 26, 2022, marking her entry as the fifth member of Blackswan. Alongside Gabriela Dalcin from Brazil, they became integral additions to the group's lineup.

Shreya Lenka

Beyond her musical endeavors, Shreya is recognized for her striking appearance, distinctive sense of style, and proficiency in multiple domains. Besides being a dancer and choreographer, she seamlessly transitions into the role of a model and exhibits her vocal prowess, earning acclaim within the K-Pop scene.

Hailing from Rourkela, Odisha, Shreya Lenka's multifaceted talents extend to acting, modeling, writing, and blogging. Fluent in Odia, Hindi, and English, she embodies cultural diversity. At the age of around 19 in 2022, Shreya finds joy in various hobbies, including dancing, yoga, singing, and traveling, reflecting a vibrant personality.

Physically, Shreya stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, weighing 54 kg. Her distinct features include a captivating oval face, black hair, and dark black eyes. With vital statistics measuring 30-24-32, she elegantly dons a 4 US-size dress and 6 UK-size shoes.

Shreya Lenka's personal life remains guarded, with no information disclosed about her relationships as of May 2022. However, she openly expresses her love for family, enjoying time with her father, Abinash Lenka, mother, Priyathama Lenka, brother, and younger sister.

Education-wise, Shreya Lenka attended DAV Public School, Jharsuguda, and is currently pursuing higher secondary studies at Women's College Jharsuguda, Odisha. Outside her academic pursuits, she delves into English literature during her free time and refines her pronunciation through English songs.

In the dynamic world of K-Pop, Shreya Lenka stands out as the third Indian to become a K-Pop idol, following in the footsteps of Sid (Siddhant Arora) from Uttar Pradesh and Priyanka Mazumdar from Assam. Her journey reflects not only musical accomplishment but also a diverse range of talents that contribute to her unique presence in the global entertainment landscape.