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What Is Meaning Of Sheelam Param Bhushanam At LBSNAA

Sheelam Param Bhushanam At LBSNAA

 Shil Param Bhushanam in LBSNAA says that character is the highest virtue. It is one of the greatest learnings of the Indian culture and tradition. Param means best or highest and Bhushanam means jewels. The phrase holds a great importance in the cultural legacy. 

It says character is the highest virtue and know other details. Know sheelam param bhushanam meaanin, it says character is the highest virtue

The phrase is  shloka in Sankrit language. It is not about chanting the shlok but about embedding in in their personalities. The civil servants need to inculcate quality for better governance and be in tune with establishing welfare with ethical values. 

In Pali language, Sheelam means Sila that means “the Morality.” It says that The Sila, The Samadhi, and the Pragya-these; all these three things are the foundation of a human being. The civil servants should aim to become a better person through the act of their duty, whether it is personal or professional. 

Iis explained in Sanskrit sacred writings that a man who has all the abundance, without sheelam or character, is useless. The entire philosophy and teaching repeat that the Sila or character should be of the greatest worth instead of anything else.

LBSNAA is the apex civil service training institute located in Mussorie. It aims to produce the IAS officers and conduct the Civil Service Foundation Programme for Group-A Central Civil Services. The motto of LBSNAA is Sheelam Param Bhushanam, ‘character is the highest virtue.’ Besides, it aims to inscribe ideology into minds, hearts, and their life. To become an excellent civil servant is about having a strong character.