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Who Was The Father Of Kauravas?


The father of Kauravas was Dhritarashtra who holds a very important place in Hindu Mythology Mahabharata. He was the king of the kuru Kingdom, whose capital was Hastinapur. The name of his wife was Gandhari and both of them had 100 sons and a daughter named Gandhari. He also had a son whose name was Yuvutsu from the maid of his wife Gandhari. All these offspring are known as Kauravas and their birth was a take woven with the divine blessings and twists of fate.


His wife got the boon of having 100 sons and his pregnancy was also extended for two years. During that period, Kunti who was the sister of Dhritarashtra and wife of Pandu gave birth to their first son Yudhishthir. Gandhari got frustrated with this and as a result, a hard lump was born in place of the child, which later got divided into a hundred pieces, and eventually, the rise of Kauravas took place. Their upbringing was marked by a sense of animosity regarding the Pandavas for the throne of Hastinapur. They all were trained in warfare by Guru Drona. 

The term Kaurava is not just about the son of Dhritarashtra but it also signifies the descendants of Kuru. It also refers to the 100 sons of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. His role as the father of the Kauravas had formed the narratives of the mythology of Mahabharata by influencing the destiny of his 100 children which also laid the foundation for the legendary conflict which was fought between the Kauravas and Pandavas. 

So, this article was all about Kauravas and it contains all the important details about them.