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Bollywood Blind Item: Celebrity In A Committed Relationship Links Up With A Model

Bollywood Blind Item:

According to a source, a famous actor who is currently experiencing a successful phase in his career hasn’t abandoned his promiscuous behavior despite being married and a father. Prior to tying the knot with his equally famous spouse, he had a romantic involvement with a co-star. This is why the actor and his leading lady promoted their film separately rather than together. Recently, he was involved with a well-known model. Although his actress wife is aware of these affairs, she is accepting as long as he doesn’t seek a divorce. They reside on different floors within their home.

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Moreover, the actor struggles with a cocaine addiction and associates with drug dealers, causing concern among his family, although they choose not to confront him as they believe he has it managed. Despite claiming to not have a public relations team, he regularly informs paparazzi of his activities.

This actor is just one example of many celebrities who engage in extramarital affairs, with several high-profile couples seemingly tolerating such behavior to maintain their status as a power couple. Open relationships are becoming increasingly common in the entertainment industry. While the actor has been more discreet about his affairs lately, his past reputation for philandering attracted unwanted attention. It’s likely he’s been advised to keep a low profile regarding his relationships, although such encounters tend to attract public attention regardless, given the scrutiny celebrities face.

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