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Bollywood Blind Item: High-Cost Sequel at Risk of Being Shelved

Bollywood Blind Item: High-Cost Sequel at Risk of Being Shelved

The highly anticipated follow-up to a successful thriller series was announced a while ago. Fans expressed disappointment when the lead actor from the first two films opted out of the third installment. Instead, a talented and much younger A-list actor was selected for the main role in the upcoming movie. Fans expressed concerns that the new actor might not be as suitable for the role and urged the original star to reconsider. According to our sources, there are doubts about whether the movie will be made at all!

The director, who helmed the first two films and was set to direct the third, is reportedly dissatisfied with the current script and is revising it. However, if the revised script fails to meet his standards, the project might be scrapped entirely.

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This situation is unfortunate for the young A-list actor, as this could be the third project he has lost or seen shelved. While he has other promising projects lined up, missing out on opportunities with top directors is a setback. It must sting even more knowing that his preferred director is collaborating with his rival. On a positive note, his personal life is going well as he prepares to become a parent soon, and his recent successful release confirms that his career is on track. It's just that his rival seems to have gained an edge for now.

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