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Bollywood Blind Item: Romance Between Web Series Star & Divorcee Star Kid Is Over

Bollywood Blind Items Revealed

This hot actress has become a household name thanks to her leading roles in web series. She was dating a Tollywood star kid divorcee. It was rumored that it was their affair that led to the star kid divorcing his actress wife. As per our sources, the star kid & the web series star have broken up recently. The star kid is likely to marry someone who belongs to a business family & is well-known to his parents. This seems to be a good outcome for the star kid as his parents had issues with the kind of roles his actress ex-wife was doing. We hope he stays faithful to his second wife.

The star kid's wife went on a popular chat show & revealed how she would probably get violent if her ex-husband were to be in the same room as her. His ex-wife was also suffering from a serious ailment. Her latest release has had decent collections at the box office. She will be seen in a few Bollywood movies as well. We have been told that she throws a lot of tantrums & is difficult to handle.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

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