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Bollywood Blind Items: Fake Relationship Rumors

Bollywood Blind Items Revealed

Social media is abuzz with rumors of a top social media influencer having an affair with a star kid actor. She mentioned in an interview that rumors of her affair with the actor were rubbish. Weirdly we have never heard of those rumors before she denied them. This made us ask our sources whether there was any truth to those affair rumors & whether this affair was the reason why the influencer divorced her husband. Our source informed us that it was in fact the social media influencer's own PR team which has been planting these stories.  The affair rumors coupled with her latest pics in which she seems to have lost a lot of weight & looks fab definitely seem to have done the trick of making her the talk of town. Acting projects are bound to follow. The star kid actor has been dating another divorcee for the longest time. He wants to marry her, but she doesn't. It also doesn't help that his family is not really fond of her. As per our source, they haven't broken up, but they aren't really happy with each other either. 

The star kid actor in question ruined his equation with a top superstar thanks to his affair with the superstar's sis-in-law. It led to their eventual divorce. The superstar & his family have never really forgiven him. His career is in the doldrums after a spate of slops, but he somehow seems to keep getting projects. A big reason is that he is being managed by a top studio - the same one that launched him. Will he able to get his career back on track? Will he end up marrying his long time GF? Time will tell

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

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