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Bollywood Blind Items: Star Kid's PR Is Offering Money To Journos


This star kid entered Bollywood with a bang. Her debut movie & its subsequent release were big hits. The first two movies released within a short span of each other. Her interviews too were lapped up by Bollywood fans. To add to her glamour quotient, she made the news for her affair with a young heartthrob. Sadly for her, that was when her stardom peaked. Her movie with the young heartthrob flopped & every film since then has been flopping one after another. Her PR team has been chasing Bollywood influencers to write about her getting back with the young heartthrob by feeding them stories of them meeting each other secretly abroad. Our sources inform us that the young heartthrob is least interested in her & in fact, has been going steady with the cousin of an A-lister. The star kid's PR team has recently been offering money to entertainment journalists & bloggers to write something positive about her latest movie - a direct-to-OTT release. The movie was received badly. to add insult to injury, a senior star is walking with all the praises for her performance. Her PR team is offering even more money to focus more on her & less on the senior star.

We wish the star kid pulls up her socks & focuses on honing her craft. No actor has made it big on the basis of their PR skills alone. Marketing is no good if the content/product is not good. She needs to pick good roles, which are right up her alley & stay away from artsy movies. She is a glamorous star & should stick to glamorous roles or she is just 2-3 years away from being rejected by the audiences & industry alike. She is charming off-screen, but is unable to showcase it on the big screen.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

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