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Bollywood Blind Items Revealed: Greek God Keeps Snapping At His Gym Trainers 

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The Superstar was recently in headlines for moving into a new house with his girl friend. Rumours say that the actor is moving in a sea facing lavish 100 cr apartment with his new girlfriend. He is recently shooting in Tezpur for his upcoming action thriller, 'Fighter'. His last release was appreciated by the audience. His acting skills is loved and praised by everyone.

Blind Item

He is a superstar with Greek god good looks & has a fan following across the globe. It is a lesser known fact that he has been having hair issues since the past few years. While many knew that he was losing hair in the front, our source informed us that he is losing hair at the back part of his head as well. He had a bald patch at the back of his head. He has been covering them up well though. But one must admit that he has maintained a great physique. While his effort at maintaining a killer physique is quite eveident, what is unknown to his fans & the public is that he keeps snapping at his gym trainers. They have to be extra careful around him at the gym or they are sure to get an earful from him. He is not as easy going & chilled out as he comes across in his interviews. That whole "I read a book & quit a bad habit" charade too did not last long. While he did quit an addiction for a while, he got back to it in no time.

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Superstar: Hrithik Roshan