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Bollywood Blind Items Revealed: This Superstar Is Rattled By Right Wing Noise

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The Superstar is in the headlines because of his blockbuster comeback after a 4 years gap in the Bollywood Industry. His latest song from the upcoming movie has received a lot of crticism. Many of them are demanding to boycott the film. But the trailer of the movie is surely making the wait worthy.

Blind Item

He may have been giving interviews stating that he is the least affected by calls to boycott his upcoming big-budget movie, but sources insist that he is rattled by all the noise on social media. While right-wing trolls have been targeting him for the longest time & had asked their followers to boycott his movies en-masse, the release of the movie's song added fuel to the fire. It doesn't help that Bollywood is going through a rough patch at the box office with many speculating that Bollywood's downfall has begun. To add insult to injury it is South Indian movies are topping the box office charts across the country & the superstar in question hasn't had a clean hit in 8 years. He has not had a release in 4 years. The studio producing his upcoming movie too has lost millions in failed box office bets. The superstar & the studio badly need a hit. Anxiety got the better of the superstar & the studio boss who decided to speak to another superstar - who is known & trolled for his closeness to the ruling dispensation a week back. Their calls for a truce seem to have worked as the right-wing noise to boycott the movie has indeed gone down.

Our Guess

Superstar: Shahrukh Khan
Movie: Pathaan
Prouducer: Aditya Chopra