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Bollywood Blind Items Revealed: The director Believes That The Plot Of The Franchise Is Obsolete

One of Bollywood's most popular comedy franchises is all set to start shooting for its 4th movie under the franchise.
Recently, the most current entry in a hugely successful film series was released. Photos taken at the shoot of the main actors instantly went viral. Yet if our sources are to be trusted, the filmmaker has acknowledged that the movie is now being made without a basic idea! The franchise's producer is currently recruiting ghostwriters for the film. The director rejected the suggestion that the producer had put forward. The notion was "outdated & foolish," according to the director. Last year, the director in question scored a big smash. That film, which featured a young heartthrob, was also a sequel. It's likely that the producer had no choice but to hear what the popular director had to say. The property in question features a big-name performer who has had terrible box office results. The other celebrity is no longer able to carry a movie on his own because he is semi-retired. The third performer is a fantastic character actor.


The movie starring the aforementioned young hero was rumoured to be in the works. It appears that this was a ruse to get the famous actor to take a pay cut and star in the film. On social media, many fans also expressed their view that the franchise would be lacking without the presence of the biggest celebrity. The superstar eventually gave in and decided to appear in the film. A few years ago, the producer was in a terrible financial situation. For the benefit of all parties concerned, we hope the film is a huge success. The others, excluding the director and the character actor, are in poor condition.


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Superstar: Akshay Kumar
Movie: Hera pheri franchise
Producer: Firoz nadiadwala