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Bollywood Blind Items: Superstar's Box Office Pull Led To His Ouster

Blind Item

This top superstar had a dream box office run for 3-4 years. Everything he touched literally turned to box office gold. That made him believe that he needs to cash in on his stardom as he was about to turn 60 in less than a decade. This made him sign almost 5-6 projects a year. As expected his fans & audiences alike got saturated with his movies & started to give his movies a miss at the theatres. Things have turned so bad that he was recently dropped from the sequel to his hit movie which released more than a decade back. The makers thought have replaced him with a younger actor - who himself has a terrible box office record & survived solely thanks to his performance in a critically acclaimed movie which released directly on an OTT platform amidst the pandemic. His last few theatric releases have flopped badly. While one can understand age being a factor, box office clout is definitely not a sensible reason to opt for the younger star.

The top superstar's decision to star in several remakes of hit South Indian movies is a major reason behind his loss of popularity. The situation is so bad that he himself is getting his movies released directly on OTT to save face. Fans are pointing out how one of his rivals is back in the reckoning thanks to his strategy of staying away from the theatres for almost 4 years, which led to his fans eagerly awaiting his release. But we think that the superstar's talent will help overcome this phase. He has a track record of bouncing back from his lows.

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