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Bollywood Blind Items: This Filmmaker Has Parted Ways With His Mentor

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As per a source, a young & promising filmmaker whose last release was a big hit has parted ways with his mentor - a top filmmaker, producer & owner of a production house. We don't quite know whether the parting of ways was acrimonious or whether it was a pleasant one. But we do know that the young filmmaker's "close" friend - a young superstar who has been having a superb year at the box office too will be joining him as a business partner. The young superstar may hand over the reins of his own production house to his filmmaker buddy as well. 

There have been many filmmakers who have branched out on their own after spending time & directing a successful movie for top studios/ production houses. But not all succeed. It remains to be seen whether this director succeeds. He definitely is hugely talented & with his superstar buddy by his side, it is likely that they will make it. The filmmaker's mentor will definitely be sore over losing out on such a good talent. He has given several big hits for the production house after all.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

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