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Bollywood Blind Items: Why The Star's Mother Threw Shade At His Ex-GF


The world saw how a young superstar's mother threw shade at his ex-GF via a social media post. She came across as very petty. It was not an action befitting someone of her stature and lineage. As per our sources, the superstar's mother was irked by how the ex-GF & her family were gelling very well with her in-laws. The ex-GF a top heroine herself has a happy marriage & is liked by her in-laws as well. Even her siblings & parent are liked her husband's family. This did not go down well with the young superstar's mother who was betting on her not being able to please her actor husband's traditional parents.

Frankly, we thought that the young superstar's mother - a yesteryear actress herself, wouldn't take shots at his son's ex-GF after several years of them breaking up. We were disappointed to find out that she indeed did stoop so low.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment with your guesses.

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