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Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in India in 2023

Highest Paying IT Jobs in India - 2023
Top 10 Highest paying Jobs

The job sector in India has undergone a significant transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for freshers with less than a year of experience and Gen Z professionals. The pandemic resulted in job losses and difficulties in finding suitable employment, but with the increase in recruitment rates in India, people are now preparing to restart their careers.

Several factors influence an individual's job preferences, but a steady income remains the primary consideration. Stability has become the top priority for job seekers in the post-pandemic era. If you're curious about the highest-paying jobs in India in 2022, this article provides an overview of the top 10 highest-paid jobs in India, including their requirements. It also highlights the best-paying jobs by industry.


Which Job Has The Highest Salary in India? 

The IT industry in India is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to achieve a target of $227 billion by the end of 2022, representing an increase of 15.5% which is reportedly the highest in the last decade. This growth will create 4.5 lakh new job opportunities, providing employment for approximately 50 lakh people. Indian companies are projected to spend $105.2 billion on IT in 2022. The IT industry is among the fastest-growing in India, thanks to the increased accessibility of online professional courses and authentic study resources that have led to a rise in the number of skilled workforces. Additionally, the appeal of working with new technologies and learning new skills daily has fueled the rising demand for IT jobs, with digitalization playing a crucial role in this technology boost. Consequently, the IT sector remains one of the highest-paying job sectors in India in 2022 and is likely to continue being so. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at the top 10 highest-paid jobs in India within the IT sector.

Highest Paying IT Jobs in India - 2023

Here is a list of highest paying IT jobs in India (not necessarily in the order)


Software Development Engineer

Professionals known as Software Engineers or Software Development Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and testing software and applications. They monitor and evaluate software performance, operations, and functionality, ensuring overall development meets requirements.

To meet these responsibilities, a software engineer must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, be a team player, and possess technical expertise. Programming proficiency is also crucial.

The average annual salary of a software engineer in India is approximately INR 1,191,752, with freshers earning INR 989,044 per year and experienced professionals earning INR 2,225,470 annually. The highest monthly salary for software engineers in India is INR 185,456.

Java is the most widely-used programming language in the world, and a certification in Java programming would be advantageous for those pursuing a career in software development.

Data Scientist

The burgeoning Big Data has led to a surge in demand for data science professionals who can help businesses unlock their true potential and maximize profits.

A data scientist is an expert in analytics, with the ability to gather and evaluate large amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify trends and manage data effectively. Their key responsibilities include data processing, identifying valuable data sources, integrating data models, and more. Pursuing a professional data science course can provide you with the necessary theoretical and practical experience to advance your career.

The average annual salary of a data scientist in India is approximately INR 824,241, with INR 539,654 and INR 1,753,819 as the annual pay for entry-level and experienced professionals, respectively. You can also check out the salaries of data analysts, a similar job profile.

Data Engineer 

While a data scientist focuses on analyzing data, a data engineer plays a crucial role in collecting and organizing all the relevant information initially. Therefore, data engineering can be considered as the first step towards data analysis.

Data engineers work closely with data scientists to enhance data transparency and aid in effective decision-making. Some of the key responsibilities of a data engineer include data pipelining, database implementation, and maintenance.

The average annual salary for a data engineer is around INR 839,625. Freshers in the field can expect to earn approximately INR 464,722, while experienced professionals can earn up to INR 1,878,772 per year.

Software Architect  

The responsibility of determining the tools and technologies to be used for software development falls on a software architect. These professionals act as the guiding force for development projects, defining prerequisites, and assisting the team with the right approach and methodologies.

Software architects interact with clients, comprehend their expectations and business goals, and work with multiple experts in different roles like software testers, marketers, etc., while leading teams.

The average annual salary of a software architect in India is around INR 2,199,698. For freshers and experienced professionals, the annual pay is INR 977,473 and INR 3,138,870, respectively.

Cloud Architect  

Cloud computing is currently a popular field, and as a result, the role of a cloud architect has become one of the most in-demand positions in India.

A cloud architect is responsible for developing computing strategies, such as cloud designs, management, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and adoption. To excel in this field, cloud architects require a strong understanding of cloud infrastructures and architectures, as well as high proficiency in coding languages and knowledge of cloud environments and IT ecosystems. Enrolling in an advanced level cloud computing course is a great way to begin a career in this field.

The average annual salary for a cloud architect is around INR 1,796,392. Freshers can expect to earn approximately INR 409,634, while experienced professionals can earn up to INR 2,313,443 per year. The salaries of AWS Certified Professionals also fall within this pay range.

Blockchain Engineer    

IT experts who specialize in designing, developing, and implementing digital blockchains are known as blockchain engineers. They primarily work on platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, and their job includes managing and troubleshooting distributed blockchain networks.

To become a blockchain engineer, one must possess a solid software development background and have a good understanding of cryptography, data structures, and common algorithms. Expertise in coding languages and practical experience with codebases and open-source projects are also highly valued.

Professionals who aspire to succeed in the blockchain industry can start by completing the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP) training, which offers hands-on experience.

The average annual salary for blockchain engineers is around INR 808,000. Freshers in the field can expect to earn approximately INR 626,185, while experienced professionals can earn up to INR 3,675,000 per year.

DevOps Engineer   

A DevOps engineer plays a vital role in connecting development and operations by carrying out activities such as release engineering, system administration, infrastructure management, configuration management, security, and monitoring. They should have a comprehensive understanding of the DevOps tools needed for all the tasks associated with infrastructure and monitoring.

To secure a good job as a DevOps engineer with a high salary, it is essential to possess exceptional interpersonal, communication, collaboration, management, coding, and scripting skills.

Freshers in the DevOps field earn an annual pay of around INR 391,646, while experienced professionals can expect to earn approximately INR 1,776,410, with an average annual salary of INR 715,281.

IoT Architect    

One of the highest paying jobs in India today is related to IoT, also known as the Internet of Things. The average annual salary for this job is INR 1,915,175.

The main responsibilities of an IoT architect include developing an IoT strategy to meet business objectives, designing and implementing IoT solutions, and managing the entire IoT architecture. Strong leadership skills and knowledge of effective IoT management techniques are crucial in this role.

Freshers in this field can expect an annual salary of INR 496,349, while experienced professionals can earn up to INR 2,095,967 per year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

AI engineering is another top-paying job in India that involves designing and developing AI-powered applications and software to optimize business operations and performance. The role of an AI engineer involves using AI techniques to achieve business objectives, improving problem-solving abilities through logic and machine learning, analyzing and monitoring results, and making improvements as necessary.

The average annual salary for an AI engineer in India is around INR 750,000, with freshers earning an annual pay of INR 606,782 and experienced professionals earning up to INR 1,813,892.

Product Manager   

A project manager is responsible for organizing, planning, and executing projects, while operating within constraints such as budgets and timelines. They possess a diverse set of skills that enable them to approach each assignment in a unique and strategic manner. Project managers are adept at leading their teams towards the project's objectives and goals.

The role of a Project Manager includes overseeing and coordinating the delivery of project tasks and materials, managing resources, proactively identifying and eliminating potential risks, supervising assignments, creating timelines, and delegating tasks to team members.

As per industry estimates, the average annual salary for Project Managers in India is around $84,278. However, with the addition of a PMI PMP certification, the highest salary for Project Managers can go up to $131,135 while the lowest salary for this position is around $54,165.


India offers a plethora of high-paying jobs, but the competition for these positions is fierce. To distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need more than just basic skills that satisfy eligibility criteria. You require extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and advanced-level proficiency to secure a coveted position with top-paying companies in India.

Whether it's a PMI PMP certification, a software testing certification, or any other certification relevant to your field of interest, demonstrating mastery is essential. Therefore, it is advisable to enroll in leading training institutes such as KnowledgeHut, especially for IT roles, to attain the necessary skills and expertise to land your dream job with your desired salary.