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5 Tips for Finding the Ideal Office Space in Andheri East



Mumbai, often referred to as the city of dreams, is one of the prime cities in India known for its extreme work culture and immense growth prospects. Some of the greatest companies and businesses sustaining in India are mostly situated in the tough and competitive market of Mumbai.

As new businesses seek to make space for themselves in Mumbai, finding an ideal office space in Mumbai is a tough task. Moreover, looking for an office space in Andheri or Marol only adds up to the challenge. However, keeping certain things in check can undoubtedly help you to easily find an office space in various parts of Mumbai with ease.

In this article, we will learn about the 5 major tips to consider when looking for an office space in Marol, Mumbai or any other part of the city.

Office Space in Mumbai

Due to being a hub for the greatest growth prospects and opportunities in India, it cannot be denied that Mumbai is a city so crowded that it is hardly possible to make a space for yourself. The same concept applies to new businesses seeking to make their positions in the city.

Yet the thirst and determination to find the best office space in Andheri, Marol, Bandra, Juhu, and other famous parts of the city never dies out.

According to a survey, such a high competition rate in the city led to a rise of 83% in leasing demand in recent months. So, the question arises as to how you find an office space in Mumbai as a new business.

Despite being a competitive space for businesses, keeping 5 key points in check can undoubtedly help you find the perfect office space in Marol, Mumbai, or any other part of the city.

Tips to Find an Office Space in Andheri East

Specifically referring to finding an office space in Andheri, these tips apply to the entire city. By keeping these few tips in check, you can easily find the best office spaces anywhere in Mumbai.

Let us know about them in detail.

Understanding Business Needs

Mumbai is undoubtedly an expensive city to afford office space. Therefore, when looking to leasing office space in Andheri, Bandra, or any other major part of the city, it becomes important to assess your business needs.

As a business owner, you must determine a decent size for your space not going beyond the boundaries to consider large office spaces. However, you can take into consideration future prospects and expansion needs along with other necessary amenities included in potential office space.

Choose the Perfect Office Type

Determining your business type can be of great use when looking for an office space in Mumbai. Since different spaces are available at different prices, determining just the ideal space type for your business can help you invest in good office space.

Moreover, it also opens potential doors to customize the office space further according to your needs. The modern-day office spaces are efficient enough to be flexible and scalable and remain cost-effective for your business.

Facilities Allocated

An office space must contain all the necessary facilities/amenities that a business needs. Therefore, when looking for a flexible office space in Mumbai, ensure that it is equipped with common facilities like a good internet connection, safety measures, telecommunication, and other necessary services.

Legal Checks

Mumbai is a city with a great rush and crowd. With the diversified culture all around the city, people often try to commit various fraudulent activities. Therefore, when leasing an office space in Andheri, ensure that all the legal aspects are carried out legitimately and you are not subjected to any fraud or loss of money.

Hire a Broker

Solely running through buildings and looking for office space might be a tedious task to find an office space in Mumbai. Therefore, hiring a real estate professional or a person specifically dealing in the area is recommended to easily find the perfect office space as per your needs in any corner of the city.


To sum up, leasing office space in Mumbai can be costly, therefore, as a business owner seeking to make your space in the corporate world of Mumbai, the above-given tips can be of great help. Finding the right office space in Andheri East and other parts of Mumbai plays a very important role in determining the success of your business.

Consider Smartworks as your reliable partner when looking for the best office spaces in Mumbai. Find office spaces in Andheri, Marol, Bandra, and other parts of the city that align perfectly with your business needs and with all the necessary amenities provided.