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Top 10 Type Of Relationships You May Experience Before Meeting Your Soul Mate

Every romantic relationship has there own way. And all are different from each other.  All can look the same from the outside, but from the inside, they are all different. So, today in this article I am sharing with you some of the most common relationships that we have been through. 

Top 10 Different Kind Of Relationships

1. The High School Romance

This is the first time that you fell in love with someone. All these things are now to both of you. And it also felt nice to feel butterflies in your stomach and hold each other hands for a long time. But trust me you will feel all these once!

2. Toxic Relationships

This type of relationship will make you nothing but exhausted. One can be abused by another mentally and physically. You need to get out of this kind of relationship.

3. Friends-With-Benefits Relationship

This is nothing just two friends are sexually attracted to each other. Also, these two are not dating. 

4. Long Distance Relationship

This is painful.  you both are away from each other for making careers. But you don't need to worry about anything if it's meant to be forever the distance is nothing.

5. The Rebound Relationship

This is that kind of relationship where after a bad breakup you need someone to be by your side, or you can say a relationship to make your ex jealous.

6. The Friends But Attracted To Each Other Relationship

When you both are very good friends, others can see the sparks to be in a relationship and common friends are also rooting for you.

7. The 'It's Complicated Relationship

This is a love triangle. You can't decide whom you love more and so it's complicated.

8. The Pastime Relationship

You guys are not in love with each other but you both are attracted to each other. Not a long-term relationship.

9. The On And Off Relationship

You both love each other every argument you guys break up and as you can't live without each other you patch up.

10. The 'Meant To Be' Relationship

Relation between two imperfect persons makes a perfect relationship. A mature and stable relationship. This is forever.