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Best Time Pass Games to Play at Home

Covid has made us realise the joy and happiness of staying at home and chilling with family members. There are many occasions when we have to stay at home due to normal weekends or the rainy season. Such days surely end up with sitting in front of screens for long.

These are the moments when we can connect with our family and make lifetime memories. So, I am here sharing some of the best home games to entertain yourself along with your family and have a great amount of fun and laughter..!

  1. Card Games

One of my favourite games and there are various types of card games you can play. It keeps you busy for a longer time and is very logical. Kids can also play card games like Go Fish, Slapjack, Spoons, etc.

  1. Puzzles

You can ask your kids to draw a nice picture and make a puzzle out of it. Buying and playing puzzle game is a old school one. Instead, challenge your kids and this would keep them busy for longer and also will include aspects of art and craft with games.

  1. Dots and Boxes

It is a paper pencil game where you have to draw a grid of dots. Then join the dots to make the boxes turn by turn. The player with highest number of boxes wins the game. The strategy is to not let others complete their box.

  1. Freeze

Turn up the music and dance with your kids. As soon as the music stops, everyone has to freeze in the same position. The person who is in charge of the music has to make the frozen statue laugh. The person who ends up till lasts wins the game.