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Best Way To Do The Wizard Of Oz Google Trick

The "gravity" technique is mind-blowing everyone just like the wildly popular "Do a Barrel Roll" craze. There is one more to test out of these fascinating features that have been engrossing internet users for hours. The "Wizard of Oz" Google trick is what it's called, and in our opinion, it's the finest one so far.

The Wizard of Oz’ Trick

The Wizard of Oz' Trick is a humorous Easter Egg from the well-known 1939 film that has been hidden on Google. When you click a pair of Dorothy's rubies that appear on search engines, an unexpected thing happens. Google begins to whirl like the classic tornado scene as the famous phrase from Judy Garland, "There's no place like home," begins to play. The display then turns sepia and stays that way until you press the tornado icon, which causes a home to show up. again as though playing music Until Google functions normally, Wizard of Oz Music is played.

How To Try This Trick

  • Google "wizard of oz google trick" and select the first result.
  • On your right, you will now notice a pair of sparkling ruby slippers.
  • Click on these to initiate the trick. Make sure your speakers are on.
  • When the trick is through, press the tornado to reset your screen to normal.