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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed : Actor's Movie Has A Weird Storyline

Bollywood Blind Item Revealed : Actor's Movie Has A Weird Storyline

He is a well-known actor, dancer, and martial artist from India. He is the son of a well-known Bollywood actor. With his debut film in Bollywood, which was a major box office success, he became an overnight celebrity. He's noted for having a hard body and performing some of the best modern dance moves. In all of his films, he is the dance master who performs dangerous jumps. There were speculations that the action hero had broken up with his actress girlfriend because he was bored with her. But the actress threatened suicide. According to rumours, he is not fond of his mother for her antics. She was having an affair with a considerably younger man. Several of the hero's co-stars are said to have been bedded by him.

Blind Item

This action star's movie trailer dropped recently. The movie is produced by his favorite producer & is directed by a choreographer-turned director who had a horrible track record at the box office until he made a movie with this action star. Their last movie together was on its way to becoming a box office hit before the pandemic ruined their plans. As per our sources, their upcoming movie has a weird storyline - it has a zombie sequence in it! The movie is a sequel to the actor's debut movie & people were expecting something on similar lines. While the trailer made it clear that the movie is an out & out actioner, in line with the star's image, the zombie sequence came as a surprise.

Our Guess

Action Star: Tiger Shroff

Filmmaker: Ahmed Khan

Movie: Heropanti 2