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Bollywood Blind Item Revealed: Actress Hooked Up With Married Star

Blind Item

The actress and her rumoured boy friend are one of the most talked couple of Bollywood Town. Apart from acting, the actress is known for posting bold pictures and her body. She does a lot of work out to maintain her body. Her boy friend is also a great dancer. Fans are madly in love with his dance moves. The married actor is one of the action star of Bollywood. No one can beat him in action sequence.

Blind Item

He is married but that has never stopped him from cheating on his wife. They are in a long distance relationship. But its not like he was ever loyal to his ex-GF's with whom he was even living in with. His muscular physique & good looks have led to a steady stream of actresses hooking up with him throughout his career. His latest hookup was with a bombshell who is an a relationship with a young action hero. She is rumored to have hooked up with other actors as well. But irrespective of these rumored hookups, she has always been seen as going steady with her action hero BF.

Our Guess

Married Actor: John Abraham

Actress: Disha Patani

Action Hero BF: Tiger Shroff.